Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weight Gaining

Most people wish to slim down to own a model-like skinny bod but I wish for the opposite.

The truth is I am actually in the process of gaining weight.

Surprised? LOL

Or maybe weird? :P

Well I do not see skinny as in well-defined body shape. That is neither hot nor healthy at all.

I prefer being fleshy rather than being a skeleton.

Overweight is different story though.

Fyi, I'm in the underweight category so I'm targeting for a fit.

Fit is just nice. Most importantly, healthy.

Hope this works.


LuPorTi said...

Hehe. I am in the group of trying to gain weight as well. Hehe.

Mr Lonely said...

cute ma got weigh~ XD

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Soulgirl said...

i've tried this before but it didnt work well on me, i guess i tied this when i still teenage, so i stop and just eat balance food, never skip my meal, and it work :) good luck!

EeSoon said...

all the best~~~

Lindy said...

I'm in the categories of gaining weight too...I WISH! lol!! If I gain weight Ill die. haha. Anyway, eat alot! confirm you gain weight. lol. And good luck in gaining weight! :D

roffe said...

Too skinny girls don't look very healthy,as some models do.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! :) we're in the same situation =p i thought the gaining weight process was easy than losing weight..but i was wrong..

FiSh said...

my sis is drinking this too! but till now she hardly reaches 40 kg, and she's already 26 years old!


Venie said...

I wish I can throw my fats to u... lol!

maslight said...

Are you just taking weight gain or incorporate it with workout. I have a friend who have this problem too, he have to eat a lot and workout to gain weight. I think he tried this also but it didn't quite work.