Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chinese = Racists ??

Recently I've been hearing a lot about marriage/coupling thingy from uncles and aunties surrounding specifically my mom and her friends. From what they said, they will NEVER agree on marriage between different races. They think it's a disgrace for our own kind. There has been a lot of cases that Chinese marrying a non-Chinese (no matter he/she is a Malay/Bumiputra/Indian) and all of those Chinese are being looked down by their own race. Though not all but most Chinese feel that way. Especially the elderly.
So I am being advised (maybe 'warned' more accurately) not to find a boyfriend that is not a Chinese. I don't know I should laugh or cry. Laugh cos I think it's kind of funny. Cry cos I somehow disagree with their perceptions. But not 100%. I still agree on some points. Half-half perhaps? I do have a lot of friends who are mixed-race and they seem fine to me. I mean their families are still living in harmony like normal families. No fightings/divorces due to cultural differences. And most of them are very intelligent/pretty/handsome. Envy them much. So I think marriage between different races is not a bad thing after all.
But sadly most Chinese can't bear to marry a non-Chinese. Not to say we are racists. We still befriend lots of Malays/Bumiputras/Indians. It's just that Chinese care too much about one's reputation. We care a lot about how people look at us. 爱面子. I guess that's the main reason.
Anyway this topic reminds me of Peter Chao lol.
So leave me your thoughts at the comment section berrow!
Teehee (imitating Ryan from NigaHiga) xD

Monday, November 3, 2014


**Introducing Tuak**

p/s: I was drinking beer while writing this post xP

Tuak is a traditional alcoholic beverage for the Ibans/Dayaks in Sarawak.
It is basically a rice wine made of rice, yeast and sugar.

Proudly, I drank tuak once before. It was during last year's Gawai.
I had a friend who was celebrating it and he brought us to his kampung for visiting. Thanks to him that I had the chance to grab a taste of tuak.

-June 2011-

The tuak my friend served that day was mixed with apple juice.
Maybe because of that, I could still handle the taste of it. I remember that I drank up to 4-5 glasses, accepting my friend's challenge. It was funny when I found that I couldn't walk properly to the loo and I even went for three times! That's normal though. But I guess I won't be able to stand the taste of original tuak compared to apple tuak.

Anyway, I might as well say that I enjoyed the taste of tuak. Just like other wines, more or less, it tasted quite bitter with a bit of sweetness and hotness. I could feel the heat down my throat as I swallowed.
A good try for me, indeed. :D

-written in 2012-

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hard To Sleep #2

Still remember an old post of mine about me having a hard time to sleep? Well here's a part 2. But this time it isn't about banana trees. It is something else. Something horrible enough to make me depressed for a couple of days. Here's how the story goes...

Have you ever watched a movie...uh no, a documentary, more precisely, entitled "The Music Industry Exposed"? It has been broadcast a year ago. But I just watched it last week. And that's the reason of my depression.

From the title itself, I believe you can have a rough guess about what does this documentary reviewing about. But I think not many of you would guess it right. If you haven't watched it you would never understand why was I in such a state of depression after watching it. Maybe you would think I was too sensitive or I took this matter too seriously but I couldn't help it. I had a real shock when I first started to watch the documentary. Cos I never expect what I saw.

I don't really want to talk about the details cos I don't want to make myself depressed even more. Anyway, briefly, I would say it reviews about the involvement of Illuminati in the music industry. Especially Hollywood. According to Wikipedia, Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. But in modern times and also in this documentary, this term actually refers to an organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a New World Order. If you ever notice some popular songs, there're always these similar words in the song lyrics such as New World Order, Rain Man...etc. Actually all these words have their specific meanings inside the songs. I never know what does a Rain Man means until I watched this doc. It actually means the devil. The Satan. I bet you must be thinking what does it got to do with the songs. Have you ever wonder why all these songs kept repeating the same lyrics?

Tell you the truth, it is because those singers are singing these words for Satan. They have sold their souls to the devil in order to become famous/rich. In other words, for FAME/MONEY. In exchange, they need to embrace the devil in any way they can. This includes song lyrics, music videos, concerts, etc. That is why we often see screenshots like money falling, black-and-white checkers, goat's head/horn, pyramid and so on in some music videos. In fact, those are the symbols/signs of satanism and it proves the worship of Satan in those artists. Hard to believe, eh? There are more examples in the doc that explains further in details which I do not feel like writing them down here. Cos I'm trying not to think too much about it. So if you are curious and want to know more, please do not hesitate to watch this documentary. I bet it'd scare the hell out of ya.

Anyway, I still remember the night when I woke up at around 2am all of a sudden. Cos I felt I was sweating all over during my sleep. Cold sweat I suppose. I knew the trauma after watching the documentary still hasn't gotten out of me so I got up instead of forcing myself to sleep back. I felt scared and went to find my housemates to accompany me but of course, they slept already. I got no choice but to turn on the laptop and find anyone who's still online to chat with. I needed to tell someone how I felt. It's not good to keep things by myself. I gotta release the pressure. So I found this friend in facebook and started to chat with him. Just the moment I wanted to express my thoughts, I started to cry. Naturally. Oh gosh. It's been a long time since I last cried. I felt hopeless and didn't know what else to believe. This world has corrupted and everyone's following the devil's order. Darkness has come. The end of the world will be coming soon. My heart sank and all I knew was I was weeping on my bed in silence...

But luckily, I'm getting over it slowly now. So no worries. I believe in miracles. I believe in God. I promise I'll be strong and stay positive. I will survive.

-written in 2009-

Saturday, August 16, 2014

fear factor?

Have you ever heard of ulat mulong?

Well it is what you see in the picture below.

If you're Sarawakian or if you ever visit Sarawak, you'll surely get to see this kind of cute fatty worm selling at the wet market in any places. It is known as sago worm or grub, a famous delicacy in Sarawak. It is believed to contain 3-7% of protein, 10-30% fat and the rest is water. Just like the worm in fruits, it is safe to be eaten, either raw or cooked.

I've tried this ulat mulong for my first time yesterday.

-before it was cooked-

It was my big sister who bought it for us yesterday morning.
We didn't dare to eat it raw so we fried it.

-3 mulongs for RM1-

Looking nice?

Or gross? =P

Despite the look, it's very delicious. It tasted like french fries with abit of cheese. lol.
I think I was brave enough to dare to eat this worm. Can consider joining Fear Factor already.
Heh heh!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

i was a cheater

This noon I was blogwalking when I stumbled upon this blogpost.


I was so shocked that my mind went blank. The world was spinning for a moment before I managed to get myself back to reality.

I was a cheater. And I use the word "was" cos I've learnt my lesson. But I never thought it would hurt others' feelings so much that it hurts mine too. Really, it hurts more than I thought it would. It felt just like someone had stabbed a blade on me. Right through my heart.

A Chinese proverb goes like this, “敢做敢当” which means dare to do, fear not to lose.

So right here right now, I am apologizing sincerely to every bloggers that I've cheated on before this. Cheating is no longer my work now. Please note that.

Last words from me:
To other cheaters out there, please stop cheating now if you are reading this or else you'll end up like me --- getting suspended and having lots of haters in this virtual space.

With this, I rest this case.

Deeply regret,
Magdalene Blue Rose

-17 Nov 2010-