Friday, July 1, 2011


Went to Ranchan Recreational Park the other day. Wednesday to be exact. Right after Data Comm mid-term exam. Hiak2. We rented a car from 11am until 11pm (half day) for RM50. Quite worth it. Was satisfied. ^~^

Actually I have been coughing for weeks and it doesn't seem to get any better. Worser I suppose. But still, I went to the waterfall to play with water. I was not being stubborn or anything but it was because of the fact that I couldn't stand to see the disappointment look on my friends' faces when I said I'm not getting into the water. So yeah that's the reason I got into the water lastly.

Btw it was a sad case that two male friends of us couldn't join the trip just for the reason that both Liana's and Ejin's boyfriends don't allow any guys following. How ridiculous is that? I mean it is very unfair. I think girls have the right to befriend other guys even though they have boyf already. Men these days are really possessive.

Anyway honestly I am kind of lazy to describe our journey so...let us just go through the pichas! And I believe most of you won't read what I write either if my post is essay-like right? Gotcha!

So hope you guys enjoy the rest of my post~ *wink*

-the first pic taken when we arrived (the bridge was a bit shaky)-

-Ejin the driver of the day (thanks alot!)-

-one of Ranchan's waterfalls-

-the waterfall that we chose to get in (i love how the dry leaves floating on the water surface)-

-was amazed at Ejin's capability to float with her face on top which i can't-

-felt excited once we got in (half wet shirts)-

-my face looked scared while Liana's looked blur-

-we were actually trying to act like mermaids (as in the movie Pirates of the Carribean) but failed-


-three of us-

-two of them (taken by me)-

-taking the last pic with the waterfall before leaving-

-i bet more focus will be on her rather than the beautiful waterfall lol-

-we will miss you-

-second station: Friendship Park (we were pointing at our own hometown)-

-Ibu Pertiwiku-

-Sabah lovers-

-Liana wanted the RM1 coin so much-

-sunset view of the park-

-blogger in action-

-love the design-

-the fishes there are big and healthy-

-bloggers are simply cool-

-got 中国象棋Chinese Chess feel (green vs red)-

-i think i smiled like YUI in this pic-

-we are Entah Group-

-spotted two lengzais (the ones sitting on the bench)-

-a friend of mix-blooded (Iban + Malay + Chinese)-

-is panda cat family? or bear's?-

-another friend of mix-blooded (Chinese + Lun Bawang)

-@ Friendship Park's toilet-

-when creativity knocks: Magic Mirror take #1-

-when creativity knocks: Magic Mirror take #2-

-when creativity knocks: Magic Mirror take #3-

-when creativity knocks: Magic Mirror take #4-

-street performer wannabe?-

-love my sharp nose-

-the water fountain with the statue of Cheng Ho behind-


-there were a lot of kids running around-

-getting ready to play *excited*-

-first time playing at the outdoor. purposely chose to play beside the fountain so that the splashing sound of the water could distract people from hearing my voice. was not ready yet for real street performance. just as a gift for myself on turning 20. ^ ^-

-street performer ain't easy to be one (Liana was sitting beside me listening to my music)-

Below is a video of our trip created by Ejin. Feel free to watch if you wish to. =]

I like this video very much. Had a lot of fun and funny experiences. Am really glad to have them as my buddies. This is what friendship all about.


HenRy LeE ® said...

such a nice place in ranchan ah... it's been a long time since i last visited the waterfall :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

munkey: yup ranchan sure is a nice place~ ^ ^

thomas said...

Wow! That's 12hrs of fun time!

ladyviral said...

Hi Magdalene!

Thanks for dropping my blog ^_^.

You do a great blogging too hehe. Looks like this post everyone has a great time! I would love to go too ^^v. Ok I think I will go swimming tomorrow instead :P.

sheng said...

first time visiting your bloggie :D
i <3 Yui xD

Bella Enveeus said...

Hi there.. First time dropping by here.. Love the photos, especially the water.. Haven't been to waterfall for a long time now.. :)

Bella Enveeus said...

Hi there.. First time dropping by here.. Love the photos, especially the water.. Haven't been to waterfall for a long time now.. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I enjoyed looking thru the well taken pics here.
Great photography and beautiful scenes.
And you sure one very attractive young lady.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

EeSoon said...

one day... there will be one day,
I am gonna visit this place! :D

will go n find you when I visit there~ hehe.

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

thomas: yup 12 hours. haha~ xD

ladyviral: yep we sure have had a great time. welcome to sarawak if you'd love to come. =]

sheng: me love YUI too!! forever idol~ > <

bella: thanks for the compliment. ^ ^ then you should go for it~ sarawak welcomes you!

uncle lee: thank you~ was flattered by your comments~ ^ ^

eesoon: since last time oso u said like that...when will you come here?? im waiting for you~ haha xD

e-news said...

very nice photo

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

e-news: thanks =]

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

EeSoon, I also wanna find Magdalene !! LOL ~

I miss the time when going trip with friends... Hmmm...

levian said...

ah, i haven't been to ranchan for eons! but friendship park i went more often. you reminded me to pay more visit to the natural! :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

fang: hahaha~ looks like im so famous!! =P (prasan betol) come la come find me~ wakaka

levian: haha is it? glad that i influenced u. ^ ^