Sunday, June 26, 2011

No More Teenager

Today I'm officially 20.

26 June 1991. My birth date.

This year is a bit special 'cause there was no celebration for me. Pity me.

Well yeah I can't deny that I am quite sad due to this reason. However, someone told me that "能够平安度过生日也是一种幸福啊", making me think the other way round. Thanks to him that I can open up my mind and not feeling down anymore. ^-^

Despite my birthday, there's something more important coming soon.

Mid-term exam!!


Next Wednesday I will be having my Data Comm mid-term exam and the day before that I will also be having my Japanese Language test 2 (Character Recognition). Woahhhh so scary man.

-the textbook and my scribbles-

What's more? Just now my big sis called me, not to wish me Happy Birthday but to tell me something's going on with my younger sister. I can't tell what's that. Kinda private. Family affairs. I AM SO WORRIED. Feel like flying back home to make things right but of course I can't. So tomorrow I'm going to call my sister to ask what's wrong with her. Hope everything is alright.

Btw I was having a severe bellyache throughout the night. Making me couldn't concentrate in my revision. So I did not finish even a chapter. Oh well.

-fighting the pain duhh-

Looks like a lot of negative things had happened on my 20th birthday. Maybe it's an unlucky year. Huhu.

Anyway, I guess tomorrow gotta speed up already.

*heading to bed*


thomas said...

Happy Birthday,take care and don't worry too much.

bLuRbLuR said...

happy birthday to u :)

Keiichi Niwa said...

Happy birthday. ~ ^^
And good luck :3

roffe said...

Happy Birthday...I wish you good luck and I hope nothings is wrong with your sister.

CaDLyNN said...

happy bday dear

dblchin (double chin) said...

growing up is fun! enjoy it!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

thanks for the comments everyone...=]

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Good luck for your mid-term exam !! =)

EeSoon said...

happy belated birthday lu~~
big girl lu~~~
all the best in your study and life~
miss ya!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

fang: thanks it's over dy. =]

eesoon: haha thanks~ ya big girl liao...cant play play anymore...miss ya too!

domokun said...

happy belated birthday :)