Monday, July 4, 2011

A Late Movie Catch-Up

Just watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon yesterday at 0045.


Despite the robots transformation scenes, I was totally amazed by the new stunt ----- Wingmen Featurette!! How cool is that? omaigosh~

These guys were really crazy (and brave) in doing the jump!!

I wonder how's the feeling flying in the sky.

They look just like flying squirrel.

So cute yet cool.

Btw I find the ending theme very nice too!!

Linkin Park - Iridescent

Inspirational lyrics. Uplifting melody. Beautiful vocal. Nice instrumentation. Everything just sounds perfect to me. Maybe I got a thing for this kind of songs. You know, soulful thingy. I feel you~ LOL

I find this artwork quite scary at first but then I find it unique.
^ ^


Mr Lonely said...

hehe, hope to watch it soon...

Mr.E said...

Really? I almost fell asleep on the 1 hour of the movie xD

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

MrLonely: go ahead~ lol

Mr.E: well it's quite boring for the first half but it's getting excited after that~ xD

Grysh said...

The movie was really awesome. i loved it too :)

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Yeah TF3 is Awesome !!! Haha !!

I like the flying squirrel ~ So cute !! =P

levian said...

wow, i wouldn't have known that was Linkin Park until you mentioned. no wonder we haven't heard from them for so long, so this is what they were up to. :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

Grysh: yeah feel like watching it again~ xD

fang: yup so cute and cool and funny at the same time!! LOL

levian: haha glad that i informed u too. yep they were missing for quite a long time. same goes with Simple Plan. it's nice that they finally came back now! xD

Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks

ladyviral said...

I watched it in 3D. But I think it was not worth it haha! The movie of course was awesome!

*Transformers fan* :D

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

ladyviral: yep it is not worth watching in 3D. luckily i watched normal one hiak2~ but yeah it's still awesome! xD