Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Won A Wireless Mouse

Hey guys how ya doin? ^-^

Well here's just something that i wanna share with you guys..


I got the 3rd runner-up for an online quiz!

Feel so proud~ >_<

As you can see from my cert, it's The Fifth National Online Quiz.

An English quiz to be exact.

All about English.

Test your grammars and vocabs all.

Fyi, it's my first time participating in it.

So I guess I was really lucky~ whee~

Btw the prize for a 3rd runner-up is a wireless mouse! LOL


My new mouse VS my old mouse.

Actually there's not much difference between them. Just that wireless mouse uses bluetooth to sense the motion so it doesn't require a wire for connection. But what I dislike about it is that it uses battery to function. That means I gotta get a new battery whenever the battery is used up. How troublesome. =/

Anyway, it's FREE so I guess nothing matters~



Mr Lonely said...

congrats !!! =D

TcPinG said...

I remembered there are many lecturers asking us to join the contest but not much people join! Haha! Some of my friends had won the prizes too but I dunno what they actually got. =P

EeSoon said...

wuhooo~ congrats~
happy for ya!

LuPorTi said...

You joined that too ya! Hehe.

Adrian said...

WOW! congrates! :D

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

MrLonely: thanks!!! xD

TcPing: yep. lecturers always ask students to join but many are lazy to join. so sad. can win prize dun wan join. rugi xia. the prizes are all nice stuffs u know? usually tech gadgets like netbook, ipod touch, harddisk, wireless mouse, kaspersky antivirus...whoa~ ain't they cool?

EeSoon: thanks~ ^ ^

LuPorTi: yep i did. you too??

Adrian: thanks! xD

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wowwww ~ Congrats !!
Feeling glad for you !! =D

LuPorTi said...

My friend used my name to join. After won, we shared the prize.

RoanneChan said...

Congratulations on your win! Man, you are totally cool! I actually idolize you right now. :D

I have been struggling with writing and speaking in english ever since I was... 8!? Haha, I'm 17 right now -_-; No progress. UGH.

I'm actually inspired by your post since I'm the type of girl who NEVER joins any contests and such. xD Well, in real life.. cause I do join some SOTM and those cyber contests, LOL.

Anywhoo, the mouse looks great :D I don't actually use mouse on my laptop since I got used with the one that's built in with the laptop xD

:)) Congrats again!

Ikmalia Anindita said...


roffe said...

Congrats !!The battery will last a long time.. I use rechargeable

thomas said...

if is so troublesome,you can always sell it to me,
ie at a discount!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

fang: thanks!! ^__^

luporti: oh i see! nice~ share the love~ xD

roannechan: oh wow thank you so much for your compliments!! i was flattered that u actually idolize me now lol...that's cool but please dun yeah...i think im not good enough to be a role model...haha! anyway from ur words i think ur English is quite good actually...why say ur English never upgraded? i belif u've improved alot!! keep it up yeah girl~ ganbatte! btw i hate to use the built-in mouse on the laptop cos my fingers sweat easily and it's hard to scan my fingerprints! LOL xD

Nindy: thanks ^ ^

roffe: thanks!! oh i see...i guess mine is just a normal battery...not rechargeable...hurm..

thomas: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA see first lah xD

bLuRbLuR said...

how to take part? congratulation!

thanks for visiting my blog :)

Joan said...

congratulations! =)
thanks visiting my blog~
I know u as well, u are Amy's Sis!
Nice to meet u here. =D

Keiichi Niwa said...

Congratulations. ~ ^^

Never waste the opportunity. ~ XD

Kenix said...

>< congratulation!

vini vidi vucinic said...

:: Congratulations.....^_^

abusyafath said...

congrat .... its your turn :)

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

blurblur: thanks. just go to the website and take part. Quiz 6 is coming soon! maybe you can join. but it's only for undergraduates in local uni oh! xD

joan: thank you! nice to meet you too~ i duno u're my sister's fren xD

kei: thanks! must grab the opportunity whenever there is any~ xD

kenix & vini & abu: thanks! =]

Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats! At least there's a wireless mouse compared to nothing :P