Sunday, November 21, 2010

my thoughts for today

These days my mom had been telling me that she feels dizzy all the time. And today I accompanied her to see the doctor at a clinic nearby. The doctor said she's fine. Only that her blood pressure is low and she's advised to take blood test for details. She will only have it tomorrow as she needs to puasa(fast) before that. I'm not sure what can I do to make her feel better so I googled about it. It says massaging at the back of the neck and feet helps. So I tried my best. Only at this moment I noticed the white hair and wrinkles my mom has. Suddenly one of Jay Chou's songs, 听妈妈的话(Listen To Your Mother) popped out in my head. The lyrics goes like 美丽的白发...which means beautiful white hair. My mom has grown old. She's no longer the young mother that has been taking care of me since I was born. Thanks to her that I am able to grow up happily and healthily. Now it's time for me to take care of her. But I think I'm not ready yet. After all, I don't have the ability to earn stable income since I've not yet stepped into the working field. Sometimes I would complain to her that why did she marry so late. Well she's 56 now and I'm only 19. I'm not the eldest though. My big sis is 22 but that doesn't mean she can support the family. Maybe I'm being rude to my mom but hey, for a woman to marry a man at the age of 30+ is way too old to me. But in any ways, I'm still grateful to my mom for giving birth to me and taking care of me for all these years. Without you, I am nobody. So what I hope now is faster start my degree and graduate and start working. That's why I keep complaining about why Multimedia Computing course needs 4 years time to graduate. Should be 3 years enough ady eh...~.~ btw I haven't book my flight ticket to Kuching yet this coming 26 must be wondering why.


Happy walker said...

same too.. T.T

domokun said...

totally mum aso 50+ ady and i am onli 19><

Fishlover said...

hi there, great topic, my mum too is not getting any younger, shes complaining about her health also, I hope i can go to the U.S so that i can work, and then my mum doesnt have to work. hey im married at 27, i hope when i have kids they will not complain also lol. Thanks for dropping by my blog, hope u visit again.

the Charioteer said...

Mr Lonely: same which? lol

domokun: so far rite the gap...=(

fish lover: haha thanks. 27 is just nice. not too old not too young. =) if i ever marry i'd like to marry at 27 too and give birth at 28. lol but that's quite impossible cos i dont really want to get marry in my life. dont ask me why. hahahaha. xD

Thomas Lee said...

It have been quite sometime since i last heard someone says 'apuuu',
right now in Labuan i'm hearing only 'Bah'.Take good care of your mum.

ALBERT said...

Just express your love to your mother every opportunity you have. Give her time with you (quality), give her some gift (not expensive though), say affirmation to her, serve her once in a while and Hug her every chance you have. I'm sure that is more than enough for her to be happy. It is the quality of life that matters most

Godbless my friend

roffe said...

My mother was only eigteen when she got her first child. That's too early..Lets hope everything is well with your mother..

the Charioteer said...

thomas: hahaha...Bah...sabahan slang. i will. =)

ALBERT: thanks for the advice. i know what to do now. =)

roffe: 18? wow that's so early...thanks for your wish. =)

Jiawen said...

Well, all moms who decide to have children and raise them up properly are great, no matter how old or how young they are. And it is not only when they are old that we should start taking care of them. =) Hope we treat our moms with love every day.

the Charioteer said...

Jiawen: you got points there. thanks for advising. =)

gingerSnap said...

tell mom take care of her health..

the Charioteer said...

gingersnaps: i will. =)

Anonymous said...


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