Friday, November 19, 2010

Just For Laugh #3

Life Diary: Dating Schedule
Starring: BF and his new GF

Dating schedule of a day out...
New GF says: Oh honey where are you going to bring me today?
BF says: Let's go for a walk!
In her mind: outing >> lunch >> playing kite >> beach >> dinner >> home
In his mind: casual walk >> casual lunch/dinner >> go to hotel >> have sex

Dating schedule of a half-day out...
New GF says: Oh honey where are you going to bring me later?
BF says: Let's go for a movie!
In her mind: movie >> dinner >> walk at the park >> home
In his mind: movie >> find a hotel >> have sex

Dating schedule of a night out...
New GF says: Where are we going tonight?
BF says: Let's go for dinner first!
In her mind: dinner >> shopping >> home
In his mind: dinner >> go to hotel >> have sex

Schedule of a sudden date...
New GF says: Why did you call me suddenly?
BF says: Err...actually...
In his mind: have sex

*the punch against hamsap lou(satyr)*

-the end-


domokun said...

lol nice one.her hairstyle looks lik urs XD

EeSoon said...

hahaha... this is funny.
I wonder how true is this..?
waiting for guy's comment~~ hehe

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

domokun: hahaha yahor i never notice xD

EeSoon: i bet no guys would dare to comment on this lol =P

ALBERT said...

you have a talent in making me laugh
No comment for now hehehe

Godbless friend

Stay safe

sHeRrY said...

LOL!serves him right for being such a perv^^p

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Albert: HAHAHAHA i feel so proud that i have the talent of making you laugh~ why no comment?? if like that i take that as you agree that guys are hamsap!! LOL =P

Sherry: haha! yeah right~ xD said...

hi.. can you do a blogpost about my site?

thanks.. your help will be appriaciate..

Joey said...

The pictures tell me much joy and fun! By the way it is now 10 clock in the morning, breakfast time

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said... who are you?

Joey: haha! thanks for leaving a comment yeah~ ^ ^