Friday, July 30, 2010

A Night To Remember #2

Foundation Night

24 July 2010

was my first time to

# wear contact lens (first time see my face without glasses clearly in front of the mirror cos my eye degrees are too high that my vision is always blur without my spec)
# wear make-up in public
# dance in front of audience
# set my hair (got highlight)
# wear a gown (i wear skirts usually not dress)

------------Foundation Night--------------

photo-shooting session started right after we dressed up...=P

-Surmi the best dancer-

i love this pic so much~ really looks like modelling session going on lol

-Surmi and Nirosha-

-Nalina and Nirosha- (they both love purple~)

and all the modelling pics were taken in our hostel...behind the wall...=D

-Nirosha, Sharmita, me, Nalina- (me surrounded by indians gang wakakaka)

this was the time when we're waiting for the bus at the car park to fetch us to the hotel ballroom...
-the couple, Janice and Vincent-

arriving the venue...

-Joanne on the shot-

entering the ballroom...

the theme of the night...the decor was a bit too simple i know...swt

the buffet...

desserts... colourful~

photo-taking session started...

-weychyi and me-

-Sandy and me-

-the emcee and assistant, Darmesh and Vynnie-

-the cool one, Vincent-

-Vinci and me-

-me and Kong Ze, the bully-

-me and Abang Raj, the muscular-

here comes the candid photos...wakakaka...

-cheow, the vice-president caught on the cam!-

-the Prom Queen, Gunalaga was preparing to change for malay dance-

-Darmesh, the punjabi guy and also our class leader was the King of the night!-

-the way Joanne holding the glass looked so smexy-

-Abang Raj was fast to notice the paparazi who's trying to take his pic-

-Benji and Vynnie, being the DJs of the night-

surrounding candid snapshots...

was taking pic with the Prom Queen~ it's not me who's short but she's the one too tall XD

my sexy back!! hahaha...i think we're waiting for the VIPs...

don't know what's going on now...wandering around...fed up of waiting?

after the arriving of guests of honour...finally the perfomances started with cultural dances and followed by modern dances...

霍元甲 opening dance
(it was only me and another friend dancing for this chinese cultural dance due to the limited time. it was me and her at first who searched for all the dance videos in youtube and learnt some steps here and there from 4-5 vids, and combined it into one. it was a tough time. we used up 3 days to learn the dance steps and then it was already near the night so there was not enough time for us to teach others. that's why only both of us got on the stage. felt quite strange but it was alright cos we enjoyed ourselves. so after 5 days of practice this was the vid of achievement that we gained that night.^ ^ the dynasty clothes we wore were golden in colour bdw. it looked white due to the light. =P)

modern dance 快乐崇拜 + 撑腰

Bangra Dance

the dining time started together with the performances...

after dined...there was a small opening dance for anyone who wished to show off their dance moves...with this i only got to know that there were so many people who can dance very well...the most surprising was the only 4 flat guy in our batch...who surprised us by his street dance never thought he can dance that well as he looks nerdy...this tells us that we can never judge people by their look...hahaha XD

after that...once again we took lots of pictures as memory...cos this was the once in a lifetime foundation night...must capture every moment of it...> <

-Wey Chyi, Janice, Joanne-

i personally love this pic so much!!! lol why? cos i was inside the pic too! please focus on the two chinesemaid-looking girls walking on the red carpet towards the entrance....that's me and my friend going to the changing room after our dance was over! LOL
-Shiefa was nervous for their performance later lol-

-the malay dancers of the night-
(2 indians + 1 chinese + 1 malay)

-me and Preshana, the so-called big sis in my house XD-

-a group photo of chinese gang-

-Wey Chyi, Thiviya, Poorni, me-

Satu Malaysia again!
-Wey Chyi, Morly, Shiefa, Surmi-

-Surmi and Sharmita-

-Sam and Sharmita-

-Benji, our senior, was invited as the guitarist of the night-

-the 3 besties/roomates, Preshana, Poorni and Thiviya-

this one looked like a family pic lol
-Abang Raj, Nirosha and Guna akka-

-stephanie and me-

camwhoring for the last time before leaving the ballroom....

-camwhoring- love this pic!

-a group photo of all the chinese students- (8 girls + 5 boys)

-free style shot!! the girls were showing off their nailarts lol-

and then, the night ended at around 1am. some of us went back by their own cars but most of us took the "free transport" (bus) back to hostel....we were sleeping away in tiredness during the journey back home...everything was over in a glimpse and i felt like having a second blast....

*dozed off*

p/s: recently i am being called "maggie" by a housemate of mine lol. cute nickname.

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