Tuesday, August 10, 2010

study week ---> finals ---> flight back home

it's study week this week. 5 more days towards finals (excluding today). i've been staying at hostel revising (and onlining at the same time =P) these few days. it's just too quiet (and boring) at hostel that i can't stand to turn on some music to refresh my mind. i know i would distract people around to study so i wear headphone instead (which is never my way of listening music =P). i feel uncomfortable to have something sticked to my head. however i like guys wearing headphone. i think they look cool with it XD. time passes very slow during this week but i bet next week will pass very fast due to exam lol. i can't wait to go back home after finals. miss my home so badly. finally...i'm going to graduate from foundation. i think i would miss my life here after i leave. but as for now, i'm homesick. ="(


corn zai said...

welcome home,mag...miss u so much...btw,gambateh for ur exam since this is the last exam for u in foundation...trust urself..u can do it....if u have need me 1 day,i'm willing to serve myself especially my eyes and ears...^^..have a good dayXD...lemon family forever..=)

cornzai said...

*if u need me one day....*