Monday, May 10, 2010

what i did today

the first thing i did after waking up this morning was calling my mom's hp and wishing her Happy Mother's Day. although it was just a simple phrase, that means so much to me. and i hope she will feel the same too. well, im quite disappointed for not being able to be at home celebrating together with my mom and all. but we never celebrate it hugely too. largely i mean. we always make it simple. usually we will just buy a mother's day cake and eat it together at home. that's how we celebrate it. no heavy meals. no refreshing drinks. another way of celebrating is that mom never need to do any single chores at home during her big day. we as children will do all of them and let mom rest. (tho i know we should do it everyday, not just during mother's day lols) i only managed to say Happy Mother's Day to mom but didnt have the guts to say this: i love you, mom. aishiteru, okaasan. 妈,我爱您。so can just write it down here. XP


for breakfast this morning i was trying to make myself a cup of cappucino. grabbed a packet of it and was going to tear the packet open. then suddenly PUFF!! half of the powder "flying" out from the packet and "landing" all over me (my shirt and pants) and on the floor. omgosh i was being so rough. this is not the first time already. so can conclude that: yes i am clumsy. but only in opening packet thingy. that's odd. i like it. lols.


feel like uploading some pictures here as my blog looks so boring without any photos. all words only. so here it goes.

dissection_21 jan 2010
this is the rat that had been murdered by me during dissection. wakakaka.

Magdalene da Murderer *posing*
.me and wey chyi.
she was so timid that she didnt even dare to touch the dissection plate. orz

.me and li ping.

notice anything strange with my mask? well it was loose cos i didnt tie it properly
. lols.
and oh ya! i was holding the rat's brain. woot~ XD

genting trip_2 april 2010
see? there's my reflection through the glass door. XD
from left: jackie, joseph, sam
me being caught sms-ing XP

waiting for fun cart.
from left: me, wey chyi, li ping

wearing shower cap before playing fun cart. jellyfish head. XD

steamboat-buffet dinner~ delicious~

sing K @ Neway Timesquare_7 may 2010
me, sandy, liping

me and sandy
> <


muet speaking on tuesday. i realize that i dont have eye contact with the other candidates. omgosh. cant be like this leh. nervous nervous~ %(> <)%

p/s: found out that my match horoscope has changed from capricorn to scorpio =.= i dont believe in this thing but i kinda believe in it. swt. so im finding scorpio partner. lols.

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