Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

妈,谢谢你把我生下来。please forgive me for any mistakes that i have done all these while. i promise you i will change my attitude and become more mature. 这些年以来的照顾,辛苦妳了。i ma ma de o se wa ni na ni ma shi ta, okasan. ^^


listening to BoA's songs now. miss her songs so badly. lols. quite admire this korean singer. cos she can dance very well. talented. and what amazed me most is that i thought she is the girlish type but actually she's more into hip hop type. > <>

today i woke up very late. after 12pm i just woke up. this was unusual for me cos usually im the early bird type. cant believe i woke up that late today. lols. tomorrow going to church so gotta sleep early. nitez.

p/s: muet speaking test coming soon. quite nervous. ~.~

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