Tuesday, May 11, 2010

muet speaking test

just practised 3 times speaking for muet test tomorrow morning. shall test at 11am but i need to wake up early to start the journey cos im having it in seremban. need to take the ktm to get there. and tomorrow is tuesday. i have the most packed classes on tuesday. so this means i must skip all the classes to attend muet speaking test tomorrow. haiz. what a sacrifice. well, after a few practices i really have confidence for tomorrow's test. i only hope that the topic come out tomorrow will be easy and i can think of many points. it's easy to speak but the problem is that if i dont have points i cant talk about anything too. so hope that God of Idea is with me tomorrow. wakakakaka. gotta sleep liao. nitez.

cant think of any p/s tonight. lols.

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