Friday, May 7, 2010

tired like hell but still blogging

i feel like singing my current favourite song "To Mother" to my mom as Mother's Day present. lols. but i dont think my mom will understand japanese. maybe i can translate to her. hahaha.


today went to Neway at Berjaya Timesquare to sing K. it was my fifth time to sing K since i came here further my studies. i did enjoy myself but the time was too short and i didnt get enough of it. what a pity. anyway it's quite cheap so still worth it lah.

well there's nothing special happened today in the mall. felt nothing. it was friday so not much people seen shopping around. i was hoping for something unusual to happen. but to my disappointment there isnt any. zannen~ and what i did after sing K was loafing around, chatting, sitting down to get some rest, loafing around again (to look for hotties) and then dining at Leo's corner. quite boring but at least the dinner was great and i managed to buy tissues and cotton which have been long running out of. lols.

i was wearing a sleeveless top (无肩上衣 is it called like that in english?) with a short skirt. i dont use the word mini cos i dont think it's short enough to be called mini. lols. actually it's not my style of outfit to wear like this but due to some reasons i think it's better to wear like this.

first, i will look odd in my group of friends if i dont wear like this as all of them wear like this. although i like to be different that doesnt mean i want to be the center of attraction in the group. so wearing the same with others can avoid attention from people surrounding.

second, i bought these clothes for new year and it's a waste of money if i only wear them during the season. so must find time to wear as much as possible instead of keeping them in the wardrobe. lols.

maybe i will get used of wearing like this after some time. actually i dont like to wear so less when going out. cos i feel that it's very rugi to let people see so much of our 'flesh'. lols. will often think myself as cheap for wearing like this. but what can i do? this is life. im so damn easy to be influenced by people around. maybe it seems nothing. maybe i just being too traditioned. or backwards. but i guess i need to accept the change. think positively. actually it's not that bad. just be more open-minded. do i make the right decision?


somehow...i think being single is not that bad after all. lols. but somehow...i will envy those couples who are getting along so sweet and romantic. who wont? i think i just havent met the right guy. waiting in progress. lols.

p/s: im not the extrovert type XP


Ken Wooi said...

being single = save more money and time, energy as well! =P

VIVI said...

being single can get jealous easily ><