Friday, May 7, 2010

i spiak good spinglish

just practised speaking for muet test next tue. quite early is it? lols

actually i was quite tired already and was about to go to bed but suddenly my roomate rushed towards me and dragged me into another dimension to practise speaking together.
(exaggerating abit lols. was actually another room XP)

how cruel was that? im so innocent~ > < *sneezed* but to say the truth, after few practices i really got learn something. so it's kinda worth too. must thank them
lah. arigatou gozaimasu~

today really kexiao liao. tomorrow 7.30am lecture. still havent sleep. gotta sleep after post this.

oyasumi nasai ~.~

p/s: tomorrow noon going to sing K at Timesquare. if everything goes smoothly. woot. *excited*

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