Friday, May 28, 2010

Relay For Life KL 2010

I'm going to overnight at MSN Training Stadium tomorrow as a volunteer for RFL event.
Go there at 11am tomorrow morning and will only be back on Sunday.
I'm so damn excited to get sunburnt and sleepless night tomorrow.
That's a joke. lols.


Few days ago someone shared a video about Lady Gaga being Satanism in facebook.
I was shocked when i watched this. It was really creepy!!
Now i never dare to listen to any of her songs cos it seems like im worshipping the satan too.
Watch the vid then you'll know why.
*please turn off the music player on the left side before you watch*

i wonder it's true or not...
but there are too much coincidences and i somehow believe it's true...

so what do you think?


i started to learn playing acoustic guitar version of YUI's newest single "To Mother".
found that it's quite easy. easier than all the songs i've learned before. not to say im pro but it went really smooth this afternoon.
but i was quite slow in changing the chords.
i mean the time interval between chords-changing were too long.
anyway i believe i can make it after a few days. muahahaha~

p/s: woke up at 11am today and found that my whole body was aching~~ T.T

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