Friday, May 28, 2010

i dont dance

an indian friend sang "i love you" song to me today.

then i sang back to her:

i hate you
you hate me
we are happy enemy
with a great big punch
and a kick from me to you
want you say you hate me too

creative enough? wakakaka.


this afternoon started our first dancing lesson for the coming Prom Night performance. the song that we're practising is 撑腰 by 罗志祥. there are 12 of us including boys and girls. this gonna take lots of hard work and a long time to practise for a great performance. fights are inavoidable during the discussion as we all have different views of our own. but we always manage to solve it.

for the first day only, we had been practising from 4.30pm until 7pm and then continued again from 9pm until 11pm. omg~ that was so long~ i must say that we really work very hard for this event. it was tough for me at first as i never dance before. but after a few practices i really can see improvements in me. although i may not have talent in dancing but practice makes perfect! XD so, ganbatte kudasai minna-san! we can do it!! %(>.<)%

below these are two of all the videos that we use to practise =)

p/s: im still homesick. T.T

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