Monday, May 31, 2010

back from RFL event =)

omgosh~ i've slept from 5pm yesterday until 7am this morning!! that was 14 hours long!! walao eh~ i came back at 1pm yesterday. it was really a tiring event cos we really never sleep for a whole night (well we had a quick nap for like few mins only) and didnt bath for a day too. so we stinked! hahahaha.

it was raining yesterday afternoon, making the field muddy but this didnt make the fun goes off!! instead of wearing sport shoes, all of us took off our shoes and stepped on the muddy fieldtrack in barefeet running while dancing like crazy!! wakakakaka~ it was so damn dirty and disgusting but it was fun when thousands of people walking round the track together-gether~ i could feel the crowd~ wee~ XD

enjoyed every performance at night =) especially when everyone singing "I'm Yours" together down the stage with the singer on stage. it was damn high!! i've never been to an open-aired concert before (indoor yes) so now i got to know how it feels like to be in a crowd of strangers singing and dancing together to the beat! XD it was damn fun~ > <

another interesting thing was i met an ex-secondaryclassmate during the event!! her name is Diane. when i saw her i really ran towards her to say hi but didnt hug her cos i was not that close with her until can give her a hug lol. chatted with her for a while and got to know that she's also coming as a volunteer for her uni. woot~ however, i could feel that she's quite emo that day cos her smile was not that wide like she used to before. maybe got some relationship probs i guess. anyway i dont have any right to interfere. just hope that she'll be fine. i like her so much you know. hontoni. cos she can play guitar well and she looks like YUI somehow when she plays guitar! XD dakedo...i didnt manage to snap a pic with her cos it was rush and she seemed like not in the mood too. so...missed the chance~ T.T

since i dont have a camera with me so everything was snapped using my friend's cam. so i will only post about this event further after i get the photos from her =) so stay tuned~ ^ ^

p/s: an unknown number kept calling my hp and when i picked up, he asked for someone named "ah long" and i direct replied "sorry. wrong number." then hung up. weird. during my 14-hour sleep i got 3 misscalls from him ady. would that be prank calls? scary~

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