Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4 june 2010

was my first time to...

1. cut my hair with my artistic hands

my hair had been so messy that i finally decided to cut it. i only used to cut my fringe but on this day i had challenged myself to cut my whole head =) i wanted to have this hairstyle >>>

the main female character in the manga <Bitter Virgin>

so i tried my best to cut this hairstyle...but it turned out to be different from what i expected =(

*staring at my new hairstyle*
there was a white thingy on my face, no? proved that my mirror was dirty =P
my hair really was different from the anime character's...
*felt regret for cutting my own hair*

anyway it is unique cos nobody will ever have the same hairstyle as me =)
*the one and only*

guess what?
i was cutting my hair in the bathroom half-naked =P
please dont get it wrongly guys -.-

this was to prevent my shirt from getting sticked to the falling hair >///<

*posing with my 华文学会 Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) tee*
weird pose...orz

bdw i think i've found another strength in me besides massaging XD proud of myself. wakakakaka...

2. retune my guitar

yes! i'd tried to retune my guitar for the first time!! whee~~ used up almost an hour cos it was hard to tune each string to the right sound. i'm not sure whether i've tuned it correctly but im proud of myself XD before this it was my friend's boyfriend who helped me to retune. thanks once again =)

p/s: last saturday night enjoyed webcaming with old friends =D miss you guys lotz > <


Keiichi Niwa said...

Nice hairstyle.
I want to see it. xD

HenRy LeE ® said...

u play guitar? GOSH! u r talented! :D

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

kei: thanks~ u wan to see? hmm...actually it's not quite the same with the character's hair...anyway wait for my upload k ^ ^

henry: yes i play guitar~ but not pro. wakakaka. thank you anyway XD

Keiichi Niwa said...

Whoo! That's what I call unique! ^_^

At least the hairstyle almost match ~

BTW, don't regret cutting in that way, it's nice already. =D

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

kei: thanks kei ^ ^

HenRy LeE ® said...

btw nice hair... u look like a pumpkin now.. ready to rock the halloween party! LOL jk jk XD

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

henry: thanks LOL u made me laugh =)