Friday, May 21, 2010

my weak point in badminton

this afternoon went to play badminton with friends

like usual we rented a court for 2 hours

and i realized that i suck in double match

oh god

tho im good in single


i use the term "suck" here cos i really mean it

u can really see a huge difference in me when im playing single and double match

in single match i can run here and there like a monkey

but in double match i cant move as swiftly as in single match

and i wonder why



p/s: this morning Chemistry lab i forgot to bring my labcoat. and i was lazy to walk back to hostel to get it. but it is prohibited to enter the lab without a labcoat. so i went to inform my lecturer about this and gave many excuses to gain her pity. (muahahaha..) but i never expect that she was so good until she went and borrowed a labcoat from other lecturer for me! wow~ that's so nice of her! XD so i ended up wearing a short-sleeved labcoat (student one long-sleeved, lecturer one short-sleeved) until the lab ended. yeah~ > <

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