Sunday, May 23, 2010

found a new strength in me

last night i helped to massage my friend's back due to her back pain. she will always have back pain after playing badminton. old people. wakakakaka.

then she said,


["Hui Ting (my chinese name)...actually you're quite good in feels good..."]

then i said,

"真的吗?我第一次帮人家按摩背后耶!以前只是按摩肩膀...看来我可以转行当按摩师啦~ 哈哈哈哈..."

["really? this is my first time massaging people's back weyh! i only used to massage shoulders...maybe i should consider in becoming a Massage Sifu~ muahahahaha..."]

so...anyone need massage? you've met the right person. wakakakaka.

p/s: Fundraising event for Relay For Life will start tomorrow in my campus. will be pledging around and selling RFL badges. woot~ hope people will support us! ganbatte kudasai Mae-lynn! > < *in the middle of processing coupons*

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