Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 2 + Day 3

# 25 May (Day 2)

instead of busying with charity work, today got a new event to discuss about ----> Prom Night. our class leader suggested to make a night for everyone before our graduation day. so it's kinda like farewell party. this gonna be a night to remember. sounds interesting. with this, works had been divided to all of us and each of us got a part to do. but now the two main problems we are having are 1)ask for sponsorship and 2)think of a few performances to perform that night. we thought of dances and drama. my idea was: the girls dancing Sorry Sorry by Super Junior and the guys dancing Nobody by Wonder Girls. creative enough? wakakakaka. it was supported mostly by the girls but the guys totally disagreed. as expected. lols. so i came up with an idea which is to perform magic after i saw Adrian Leong's post about a contest to win a magic trick from him. hahaha. to me, magic is something fresh and i think it will gain popularity among the audience as it is something different. dances and dramas are just way too common and need lots of time to practise.
but dances are compulsory as ordered by the head. but i believe we need to have other performances besides dances. so hopefully i can have the chance loh. =)

# 26 May (Day 3)

the last day of charity at campus and the busiest day too. as tomorrow we will start the accounting. today started to work from 8am until 5pm. fuyoo~ we got rest time for lunch of cos. setting up the booth, arranging the items, decorating the surrounding with banners and HOPE Tree (named it like that cos it got lots of hope messages written on it), displaying the videos about Relay For Life, selling tickets along with items, plegding for the last day, and last but not least leaving messages for the cancer people with signatures on a piece of big white cloth. i drew an anime boy wearing RFL tee on it. wakakakaka. wrote there: "Aja Aja Fight! Ganbatte!!" and then signed underneath it. heheh. only then more people came to
conteng, attracted by my artwork. muahahaha. (sorry for my proudness =P) it was really a tiring day but i was satisfied as it was quite a success. almost every item were sold out. yay~ i guess chasing people around the campus compound was not a waste of time afterall. =)

handmade bookmarks
handmade flowers

handmade hairpins

kuih batik
and cookies~
(alyssa and pamela)



4 sakai kia~ weychyi, me, sam, liping

liping, weychyi, me, alyssa

the big white cloth
full of messages and signatures~
(i was the cameragirl. see my little anime boy between the words 'celebrate' and 'remember'? XD

pledging and donation~
(me, liping, weychyi, sam, yihan)

-happy ending-
^ ^

p/s: im homesick. cried just now. i hate to cry cos my nose will stuck. ~.~

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