Monday, September 21, 2009

new LOOK~

It was midnight when I was staying up late to revise for exam tomorrow...(it was a week ago but I'm only posting it now :P....well I couldn't expect more since I'm using my roomate's laptop to blog....I can only online when my friend's not using)

and then I suddenly got the urge to search for my idol's news....(I was actually tired of revising :P)

...and I searched....

...through YouTube... my amazed...

She got a new hairstyle!!
It was a short haircut^^ my first impression was "wow she looks younger with the haircut right now" and another thought of me was "I like her old hairstyle better"....haha...that's because her old hairstyle looked more mature and ladyish...the one now is opposite XD's a good thing to try out new look....and she still looks cool like always *~*

-YUI forever-

YUI's limited edition cover for 2 new singles: It's All Too Much/Never Say Die

Normal cover

It's All Too Much movie clip


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