Monday, September 14, 2009

Exam panic~

*stop from continuing my IT revision* for a while stomach duno why so full...just now ate Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin for was so salty that my stomach still got the salty taste in it...making me feel bad and wanna vomit -.- (urgh...)


It was Biology exam today. I nearly got lost 'cause I didn't know the exact exam hall. Me and a friend of mine went to another exam hall instead of the exact one. When we arrived the wrong exam hall not a single human was there. We were so panic that our minds went blank. Luckily! I remembered that I got my IT lecturer's cell number so I phoned her. Thank God~

But she said she's not in charge of Biology Paper 2 and asked me to confirm with Bio lecturer. She gave me her cell number and with that we were told that the venue had changed. Oh gosh...why nobody inform us? We directly rushed to the hall and got there late by 15 mins. I could even feel my adrenaline blood rushing inside of me....

and so, the story ended.

"What a day....a sakai but interesting experience in my life."


p/s: Last night I slept at 3 am. (fuyoo~ can break World Record ady...) but today I still didn't do well...and what so stomach ached during exam -.- (shit ar...was it my punishment for studying last minute? Negative Reinforcement konon....)


As a conclusion, staying up late is not a good way of studying.


*rushed back to continue my revision*


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