Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my first timeS

# 29 August

Event: Karaoke
Venue: Neway (opposite Leisure Mall)
With: 3 roomates

Time: 1-3pm (2 hours only...not enough for me actually haha)
Comment: Had fun there though I was not feeling well. Hey! My first song was Glamourous Sky~ >.<

# 1 Sept

Event: Ponteng kelas @ play truant (OMG~ good girl gone bad XD)

Venue: College & Hostel
Time: 2-4pm
Reason: Accompany a sick friend at home
Storyline: It happened that this good friend of mine was not feeling well 'cause she bumped into a glass wall inside a bus accidentally this morning. Her head was so painful that she couldn't attend the class and decided to go back to rest. But it's dangerous to walk back and stay at home alone so....here I am! For her, I skipped my classes (Math & Psycho), walked her back to hostel and stayed with her in the house ^-^ Say...am I good enough? XD
Comment: The whole afternoon I wasted my time onlining using her broadband :P But at least I got some benefit...hahaha.

# 14 Sept

Event: Lost in finding exam hall -.-
Venue: College
Time: Noon (forgot the exact time but it's Biology paper)
With: Mikan
Storyline: Refer to previous post ---> exam panic

# 16 Sept

Event: First outing with Mikan~ (watch movie - theUglyTruth)
Venue: Jusco
Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Transportation: Van sewa (go & return - RM6)
With: 10 classmates (22nd floor's people)
Movie Ticket Price: RM6 (Hey, it's wednesday~)
Motive: To relax 'cause mid sem exam's just over today :) yeah~
Storyline: Actually I was disappointed tonight 'cause I didn't do well for today's Math exam. *sighed* but after the movie I totally forgot about everything lol. I guess the movie was too funny what. Haha. The Ugly Truth. Really funny. +sexy. LOL. Oh ya! I've done something bad today --- bringing outside food into the theatre :P well...I was too hungry what. I hid the food inside my sweater the time we gave the ticket. Clever huh? hoho. After that we went to McDonald for dinner. It was fasting month so the food was cheaper ^__^ During this whole night I was 'scolded' by Mikan (it's her way of showing love haha) so I felt happy XD Tonight was really worth going out 'cause everything was so....cheap!! ><

# 22 Sept

Event: Swimming (actually just play with water cos I don't know how to swim XD)
Venue: 6th floor swimming pool at my condo
Time: 4.30-5.30pm
With: 3 roomates
What we wore: Singlet + short pants (we didn't have our swimsuits :P)
Storyline: It was my first time went inside a pool. Cool weyh~ I didn't know how to swim but due to my boredom I just joined them lah. It was freezing cold inside the water. My teeth was chattering. Luckily I was tall enough to touch the ground ^-^ (or is it the water too shallow?) Well, the water surface was above my shoulder and below my head when I stood still. So I was just luckily not getting drown. It was hard to swim inside the water. I finally experienced it. It used alot of energy to move. Seeing my friends swimming so well, I asked them to teach me how to float.

Floating Lesson: Relax, take a deep breath, curl my legs up and grab it with both arms in my chest, and maintain.

I was trained to float with these steps. I followed exactly what they taught. It was hard at first as my body would sink into the water when I maintained the 'curl up' shape. I was scared by this so I would straight away stand up when I was about to sink. My friend said it is normal to sink at first but after that my body will eventually float. So I tried again. Well....I couldn't say I manage to float but I did float abit. Yeah~ It was really tough I would say. To skinny people like me. Haha. I'm not really interested in swimming but anyway it was a nice experience. ^^


All these above are my first times....
duhh....I'm giving my first times during my college life...


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