Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show Time~

Yo~ Guess what? Today I'm gonna make some college photos (which have been hiding inside my pendrive all these while) PUBLIC~ XD

sounds cool?
well, you'll see...

This was how my house looked like when me and my housemates first moved in.
It's a condo, bdw.
See there's a person sitting there? That's the balcony. (in case you don't know XD)
And we all got a desk of our own which have arranged nicely surrounding the wall.
But what made us feel bad was that we are not allowed to move our desks into our room.
It MUST be placed outside. In the living room.
Tell me, what rule is this?? -.-

The Shower Room

looks nice huh? well you're wrong....

cos it doesn't got a heater!


The Bathtub
At least this is nice :)

A scene throughout the balcony
This is how the weather usually like when we wake up in the morning.
Thick fog huh? or is it mist? I'm not sure too.

The Mist #1
"Hey! It's Genting~" lol

The Mist #2
sometimes mist can be beautiful too ^__^
Looking down the balcony...this is what we saw.
nothing special.

Left side view out of the balcony.

Right side view out of the balcony.

Oh ya...forgot to mention...I'm living at the 7th floor. Out of 25 floors. Quite...low...rite?



...lemme introduce some of my housemates...(cos I only got some photos here)

Lulu & Dashu

(sorry for not writing real names...well it's my way to write nicknames instead of real names XD)

Description: These two girls are the Happy-Go-Lucky ones in our house. Well, maybe sometimes abit stress due to exam...but most of the time they will be cracking out jokes to make things high!! XD

That's why I feel lucky to have them as my housemates


Dashu again & Priyaa

Description: Hey Priyaa got a blackbelt!! so don't think of making fun about her if you are smart. Haha. Anyway, she's easy to befriend with. At first I thought she's a quiet girl...but the fact is...she's actually a RIOT!! lol

Vynnie & Sandy


Hot Mama & Incredible Hulk

*cunning smile*

(hey no offence what...I'm only making my blog more interesting~)


The 3 photos below were taken during Biology Practical Class...(We're wearing labcoats~)

Morly, Surmi, Mikan (the one I sacrificed myself to) & Nirosha

Stephanie & Clara

(Master & Chief cook in my house)

All of them are my housemates expect for the odd one. The only one who's not looking at the camera.


and that's Mikan^^

she'll be mad if she knows I'm posting this...

*make my tougue out*

Last pic of this post - The Cafeteria at my college

In this photo: Preshana & Puranima (I duno if I have spelled the name correctly...indian names what..)

Looks cool huh?'s the nicest place in my college I should say...

The one and only place I like in my college.

It's a place where students come loitering around when there's no class.




-end of show-



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haha...very nice... halo..u still remember me?

HUEYSHAN.18.GONE. said... have a bathtub! i dont have a bathtub at all you know? T.T

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

yes we have a bathtub but we never use it before XD we just use the shower lol what a waste...