Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Fever

Li Yuan's Birthday
Mid Valley
11 Sept
[direct after class]
Me and Sandy rushed back after class at 12 noon. Not wanting to let the other two roomates wait any longer we quickly got dressed up and off we go. Got there, we spent hours to choose a perfect gift for the birthday girl. And also a birthday cake. Then I was too hungry 'cause I hadn't eat anything since after class until now. So I went to eat.
Tada~ Ramen desu~~
It's my first time eating Ramen. I forgot its exact name(yes it got a name) but it was damn superb!! Oishi desu~ >.<

After that, the birthday girl arrived. She brought us to a Hong Kong restaurant. To belanja us. How nice of her. ^_^ Then we dined. Like normal. Nothing special so I don't bother to write any further. But one thing. We ate PORK! That's one COOL thing I must mention here. Haha. How sakai.

Clara, Staffi, Liyuan(bday girl), Sandy, me
and the cake.



This was another birthday party....

but it was a special one....


because of the birthdate...


cool huh?

And we had planned to make a surprise party....

It's a Tuesday night...

The birthday girl was sleeping....

When 12 midnight stroke...

[the light was off and darkness conquered the house]

11 housemates + 1 outsider (Mikan)....

scurried into the target's room....

[with one bringing in the candlelit chocolate bday cake]

and then...




"Happy Birthday to Stephanie....x4"

[birthday song]

The birthday girl opened her eyes. Shocked. Sat up immediately.


She was so shocked that nothing came out from her mouth. She's happy. I could see that she was touched by us. But what so disappointed was that she didn't have tears flowing out from her eyes. That's what I expected to see. Too dramatic am I? XD

Staffi in shock + touched + excited

The birthday cake
how ugly I know. I have no idea why it became like this too.

Birthday cards from 11 housemates + 1 outsider
The middle one was mine. with an anime girl.^^ for this part I must say we had really made our greatest afford to complete it. because exam was around the corner that time and we still spent our time doing this useless thing. but for the sake of our dearest Staffi, it was worth doing so. She happy, we happy. haha.
p/s: I've made a bday slideshow for her too. Took me the whole day. I even put aside my English essay homework in order to get this done. See how great a friend I can be. XD
-end of party-


荔枝酱 said...

haha...i know my grandma put FRIENDS in no.1 in her heart that is not strange whenever she does everything for her FRIENDS without asking benefits!AH MA!I m so proud of u~~~

Mae-lynn Heuk said...

lol...why use english to comment? weird weird d...i 配合 you lah...haha...yes! im a gud fren indeed~ whoever befren me must be lucky one~ hahaha!