Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Deed

Had English lesson today. ah...long time didn't see Mr Segar. my indian English lecturer. weird name. 0.o Public speaking was our topic today. Each one of us must go in front to talk. We were given 10 minutes to prepare our speech. I know my weakness. Even I have prepared everything I can't talk well too. that's my nature. well I'm not the talkative type. xp So I just talked spontaneously. About 'Darren Shan'. My favourite novel series. But that's not the point. The point is about a happening later.

After the class when I was heading towards the door I noticed a cellphone on a table. Someone had left it there. Then I remembered Mr Segar sat there just now (when he's watching our public speaking). So I took the phone and walked out of the room. yes I was walking not rushing. cos I heard his voice outside the room, talking with some students. that means he's still outside. no reason for me to rush. haha. I saw him and handed the cell to him. "Sir, you forgot your phone" was all I said, emotionlessly. He was abit surprised and thanked me eventually. I only laughed when I heard Kak Jeya (a classmate of mine) exclaimed "Magdalene, you supposed to keep it~" ok. that's quite funny. *smile* Then Sir replied "That means she's a good girl~" wow. Sir praised me weyh. XD though he was just joking around. Cool.

Anyway, I've done a good deed today. Though it's a small one. Nothing to show off about. But I felt good. I feel good^^ I guess I am not that bad after all....XD


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