Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sungha Jung Surprise Opening Dance

Guess what?

It's Sungha dancing !!


Recorded this video during the free performance sponsored by BTTW soap manufacturer at their kiosk at Kuching International Airport (KIA) on 23 June 2012. It was an opening dance before Sungha "showed off" his guitar skills and the dance theme was Wonder Girls' Nobody! :D

Well I think Sungha looked quite awkward in dancing, probably because he's too skinny and turned out to be looking like a skeleton dancing. Haha. But he did a great job as a newbie in dancing cos I believe he only practised the dance moves once during the rehearsal in the morning. *thumbs up* I can see that he was struggling hard to dance well and his serious face made him look so cute !! xD But I think there were too many dancers behind him which made the whole situation look kinda messy. Just my opinion though. :)

So yeah, please enjoy the video I managed to capture despite the blurry image quality and screams from all the die-hard fans! Oh well~


Xue Ren said...

wow! Sung Jung Ha seems getting famous now eh! :D

By the way, I need a LIKE for this video! Its my first time acting + shooting the video and its for my assignment purpose too! Thanks thanks!

the Charioteer said...

alien: yeah he is! he's quite famous already when he was still small and now getting worldwide recognition. :) btw i've liked ur video. not bad~ ^ ^