Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Making of Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Costume

In my previous post I mentioned about I'm going to cosplay, no?
After some consideration, I've finally made up my mind to cos Tifa Lockhart. So I started to look for materials to make the costume and somehow I managed to finish it in 4 days. Special thanks to my beloved mom and sister who helped me alot during the process. The sewing skills may not be as good as real tailors out there (cos I was using an old sewing machine that doesn't really function well like how it used to be) but I've tried my best. :)

So this is it. My first try in cosplay costume making.

That's all for the process of costume-making...

Ready to see the final version?



forgot the shoes...

So, what do you think?

It is not perfect but I am quite satisfied with the result. What I fear is not the quality of the costume but it's me who have no confidence in cosplaying Tifa due to my skinny figure. I thought of doing push-up every day to build some muscle and strength but I stopped after a few days cos it was very tiring. You can see how weak I am. Duh.

Anyway, I'm really excited to cosplay for my first time and I hope everything will go smoothly like I imagined. Hahaha :P


Schokoladeladelade said...

wahlauuuu weyhhhh!!!!!

Schokoladeladelade said...

wahlauuuu weyhhhh!!!!

EeSoon said...

wow!!! nice outfit!
please take a LOT of photos during your cosplay ya! hehe~~ I wanna see~~~
Enjoy~~~ ^^

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wowwww you made the cosplay costume yourself ~ It is not that easy to make right? It seems so hard to make for me. However, I can't wait to see you wear on the costume and show me the photos !!! =D

roffe said...

yeah..yeah..nice.. My daughter bought this kind of costume on the internet, from Malaysia...I belive..hehe..

thomas said...

nicely done.

kim said...

wow! so pretty! you're an artist, girl!

Mabel Low said...

Nicely done! Should at least wear it out and then take a pic.. :D how much was the cost??

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

Eesoon: thanks yeah~ sure will take lots of pictures for memory :)

fang: yeah...really not an easy task to make one...the cutting is not really good im afraid...in the pic look okay only...hahaha...will upload the pics after the act in 9 May kay :)

roffe: thanks~ wow ur daughter did? malaysians are great at making this kind of costumes i guess...cosplaying is quite popular in malaysia besides the main stream in Japan...hehe

thomas: thanks :)

kim: aww thank you!! :D

mabel: i know i know but i think there's no more surprise if i upload pics with me wearing it now so i guess just save it till the act day...haha...the budget is around RM60 (excluding sewing fee for myself)...consider very cheap already rite? cos if i buy the costume online/at shop, the cheapest i get also cost me at least RM160...so i save alot of budget already...heheeee...btw thanks for the comment yeah! :D

Ken Wooi said...

Where's a photo of you in it? :)

LuPorTi said...

Wow. Kinda not bad ya.

Hilda Milda™ said...

It's impressive, I must say!