Thursday, July 17, 2014

i was a cheater

This noon I was blogwalking when I stumbled upon this blogpost.

I was so shocked that my mind went blank. The world was spinning for a moment before I managed to get myself back to reality.

I was a cheater. And I use the word "was" cos I've learnt my lesson. But I never thought it would hurt others' feelings so much that it hurts mine too. Really, it hurts more than I thought it would. It felt just like someone had stabbed a blade on me. Right through my heart.

A Chinese proverb goes like this, “敢做敢当” which means dare to do, fear not to lose.

So right here right now, I am apologizing sincerely to every bloggers that I've cheated on before this. Cheating is no longer my work now. Please note that.

Last words from me:
To other cheaters out there, please stop cheating now if you are reading this or else you'll end up like me --- getting suspended and having lots of haters in this virtual space.

With this, I rest this case.

Deeply regret,
Magdalene Blue Rose

-17 Nov 2010-


Ms Ave T said...

don't worry about it dear. I'm glad you owned up to it. =) just don't do it anymore k!

thomas said...

you got suspended from what?

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Ms Ave T: thanks for your kindness!! > <

thomas: from youthsays. u never open the blogpost link ah? = =

EeSoon said...

I used to hate these people u know?
I also kena before and it was from
my close friend some more! Heart
break that time... haha... anyway,
now you know ur mistake and you
changed. That is good. Just don't
repeat that action anymore will do.

Cheers, my friend, Magdalene~!!

Pirate said...

Time pass.. life must go on in the right path. Our life itself is a lesson :)

wyne said...

The important thing is you have learned your lesson and corrected it

Gretch said...

At least you're brave enough to admit you're sorry :)

: : - LoLLy - : : said...


I also used to be like you before when I seen someone did the same thing on my blog, but I have changed after some thinking in my mind...

*Guilty face*

But I would like to tell you and all of them here ~~~~

We are human, we will have our mistake from time to time..

We will know our mistake thru the way and we also learned from the mistake...

By the way,

Magdalene, I support you !!

Let's learn from the mistake !! =D

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

EeSoon: wow...ur close fren very bad lor...i will never send to my "reality" fren...only virtual fren...anyway thank you for so lazy to make the same mistakes again so no worries. =)

Pirate: yea you're right. today i just saw a phrase from nowhere which says that: Life is a journey of lessons. Thanks for caring =)

wyne & Gretch: thanks =)

fang: em...u mean someone stabbed on your back in blog too? or got ppl cheated on u? o.O yea..we must learn from mistakes..that shall becomes my quote starting from now on...good luck for both of us. =)

Jia Jun | JTP said...

It's fine to make mistake. Everyone does, the thing is you did a great job on admitting it and change yourself to be a better one. ^^

People learn from wrong and failure, that grows up~ :D

ALBERT said...

You can't change the past and you'll never know the future. The present is a gift so use it wisely. Don't dwell on the past my friend there is a purpose why God get you through them.
I think you help me a lot because I'm a free blogger and someday I might get to that. You teach me that it is bad and I thank you for that

Godbless, Stay safe

Keiichi Niwa said...

That's why I never blog for financial profit.
I would rather post anything on my blog for free, rather than posting links all over the chat boxes.

Glad you learned your lesson. ^^

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Jia Jun: maybe it's time for me to grow up...haih...=P

Albert: wow i help u alot? haha feel so proud~ you're welcome =)

Kei: haha..i was desperate to earn money that time...that's why...but now no more...thanks Kei =)