Monday, November 3, 2014


**Introducing Tuak**

p/s: I was drinking beer while writing this post xP

Tuak is a traditional alcoholic beverage for the Ibans/Dayaks in Sarawak.
It is basically a rice wine made of rice, yeast and sugar.

Proudly, I drank tuak once before. It was during last year's Gawai.
I had a friend who was celebrating it and he brought us to his kampung for visiting. Thanks to him that I had the chance to grab a taste of tuak.

-June 2011-

The tuak my friend served that day was mixed with apple juice.
Maybe because of that, I could still handle the taste of it. I remember that I drank up to 4-5 glasses, accepting my friend's challenge. It was funny when I found that I couldn't walk properly to the loo and I even went for three times! That's normal though. But I guess I won't be able to stand the taste of original tuak compared to apple tuak.

Anyway, I might as well say that I enjoyed the taste of tuak. Just like other wines, more or less, it tasted quite bitter with a bit of sweetness and hotness. I could feel the heat down my throat as I swallowed.
A good try for me, indeed. :D

-written in 2012-


Erah said...

u look beautiful in this picture..=)

Zazabong said...

Wow interesting post! Didn't know about the existence of this "Tuak".

Happy walker said...

hope one day can try the Tuak alcohol~ XD

cold winter said...

Apple tuak is one of the best, I can't drink so much due to uric acid problems.. still sometimes I do have that crave..

Thomas Lee said...

Wah! Tuak drinking,i normal have some when i visit my iban friends but when mix with beer and other liquor can be quite heavy on the head.He!he!

LuPorTi said...

Haha. Wonder how exactly it tastes like. So, it's only available at East Malaysia?

shaz said...

will it be able to make a person drunk? xDD

Wendy V. Vaz said...

Hey Magdalene,

Thanks for the compliment for my blog layout! It's never too late to wish me Happy CNY since CNY ends like er... today? Haha glad that I still on time to wish you before it ended. Happy Chap Gor Meh to you too! :P

BTW, Tuak can really make you go nasty if you take too much! Be careful when you drink much! ;)

the Charioteer said...

erah: thanks my friend :)

zazabong: haha! thanks~ it's normal for not knowing..some sarawakians dont know the existence of this tuak too what a shame as local lol :P

Mr Lonely: lai lai lai Sarawak~ haha :D

Cold Winter: wow apple tuak is one of the best? cool~ proud that i ever taste it. :D feel sorry for u cos cant drink tuak as u like...take care dude :)

thomas: LOL no wonder my head was spinning that day. i drank beer too. couldnt stop smiling/laughing duhh ~.~

LuPorTi: well im not really sure...maybe got exported to west malaysia too...or maybe not...haha >.<

shaz: well yes of course! but i didnt drunk lol just heavy head xP

wendy: you're most welcome! :D Happy Chap Goh Meh again~ and thanks for caring yeah. will be careful if i drink tuak again someday. xD i know the pain of vomitting after getting drunk so wont be so silly to let myself getting drunk xD

LuPorTi said...

Hmm. I try to notice next time when I go supermarket to see whether is it available in Penang.

the Charioteer said...

LuPorTi: cool. tell me if u got see it yea :D

LuPorTi said...

Okay. No problem.

EeSoon said...

Wow~ nice~~~ sllrrppp!
is Tapai same with Tuak?

Mommy Liz said...

you were so brave to try that tuak. I cannot handle anything with alcohol, I can stand wine coolers (fruity flavor) but only 1 bottle with 3% alcohol, after than, my ears would be hot and I might hyper ventilate. It's nice to try new things, then we can say " I had that before.."

thanks for the visit to my site..

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww I also want to try Tuak !! =D

the Charioteer said...

Eesoon: well Tapai and Tuak are similar cos both's ingredients almost the same. only that tapai is not in wine form but some kind of rice i guess and tuak is wine. both taste almost the same. :D

Mommy Liz: thanks for ur compliment~ and yes, it's always nice to try new things so that we can say "I had that before..." totally agree with u! haha~

fang: mari mari sarawak try it out~ xD

kang anom said...

gak boleh tuuu buat orang islam kalau minum tuak kan haram dan juga tidak baik bagi tubuh kita juga pasti akan merusak organ tubuh kita