Monday, August 29, 2011

Sneak Peek of Places I Stayed/Stay

Yesterday morning I'm back to my hometown already. The town of bubuk. A kind of tiny little shrimps that's being used to make belacan (shrimp paste) in which Bintulu town is very famous of. People use belacan to make a variety of dishes and as for me I love to use it to make sambal. Yummy!

This was the room that I had been staying during intersem for around 3 months before I came back. It was a double room but I didn't have a roommate.

This was how the room looked like after I packed everything up and checked out. Looked so empty.

The balcony. The place where I used to play guitar besides drying my clothes.

The dining table. With lots of love and hatred. Love came from the moments I had my lunch/dinner with housemates + gossiping. And hatred came from the ants that appeared so goddamn fast whenever the food was served.

Took a last picture before leaving. The mirror that I used to brush teeth, wash face, etc.

Lockers? Yes. Lockers. This was what I saw when I was leaving. The workers were bringing them in to the hostel. I believe they are for the new intake students. Single rooms become double rooms now. Next semester is going to be a lot crowded. Hate it.

This kind of lockers reminds me of the one I used during National Service. Wtf.

End of hostel story.

Coming back home, I saw my desk is still in the same condition like the last time I saw it. All are old stuffs though.

What stunned me was that my guitar was being kept at such a high place. Duh. An accident happened during the time I asked my dad to take it down for me. I felt terrible cos it was my fault that my dad was injured by the swinging fan that I forgot to turn off. Thank God it was just bruises and no broken bones/phalanges. But I still feel bad about it. It felt like final destination somehow. Accidents happen anywhere anytime. So we must be careful at any circumstances. Amen.

Last picture of this post. I've reduced weight! Oh shit. It was 43kg the last time I measured. I hate to be skinny. But it's hard for me to gain weight. I was born like that. Hurmp. Btw if you guys notice, my feet's skin tone is uneven. It's sunburn actually. I used to wear slippers to classes and the Sun rays damaged my skin. Feet's skin only cos I wear long jeans. It has been like that for months and I don't know how to return my skin tone back to normal. So ugly.

End of story.


Hilda Milda™ said...

Be careful in posting your room number here :P btw, you're so light! I'm having a hard time decreasing my weight T_T

Mr Lonely said...

college d a? =D

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

Hilda: oh no worries. cos next sem i wont be living in the same room. hehe. yeah im too light. not a good thing to me. i rather be you. lol.

Mr Lonely: ya college. but the last 3 pics are home. hehe.

Mitch Peter said...

you so so chubby right now..huuu...4months break make me eat eat and eat..emm...but during school it easily diet in my dictionary doe..i easily decrease my weight... XD

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

mitch: hahaha...usually ppl in love (couple) will get fat faster cos they're in good mood everyday so have more appetite still single bah...never have bf...hard to get fat lol

thomas said...

Wah!You're back home in Bintulu and i just left for home,hah!hah!

Mr.E said...

Home and Hostel really has big difference huh... leaving home is sad T^T

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wahseh, you are so light !!! I'm so over weight ler... X(

Mary said...

Hi =D

it look like there is a lot of memories =] ..

keep smile

Anne Lee said...

your are very slim...envy.

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

nice room :) make me remember about the past :)

zam said...

waw !

Everything™ZM said...

Wahseh, you are so light !!!