Friday, August 19, 2011

Guitar Gadgets Collection

On July 15th 2011, I've finally bought myself a capo. I've been longing to own one of this guitar gadget and now it's in my hand...feel so good~oh yeah~

-Capo @ RM25-

Btw I've also bought a guitar tuner. Cos it's always hard for me to tune the guitar manually. I never get the correct tune. So I guess having a guitar tuner would be a great help to me. =]

-Guitar Tuner @ RM60-

Maybe you'd think it's quite expensive. But to me it's worth it cos I never need to tune my guitar manually anymore. The method of tuning is very simple too. Each string has its own number/chord. Just tune the strings until you get a green light as shown in the picture above. It's showing the third string/G chord btw. Seems fun? Get to try it yourself then you'll know. Hehe. One more thing, it can be used to tune bass guitar too. Cool rite? xD

Alright then. Till the next gadget~ ^ ^


Mitch Peter said...

nice la your gadgets...hehehe...where u want to put the tuner when want to tune the gtar? every gtar store got sell it right?

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

mitch: hehe thanks~ when tuning the guitar the tuner is being clipped onto the guitar head...there's a clip behind the tuner...yup every guitar store shud have it...^ ^

vini vidi vucinic said...

:: would you like to teach me, how to play a guitar?

Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow you sure are into guitar! :D

EeSoon said...

WOW! cool!! I mean the Guitar Tuner!
have fun with your new toy~~ ehehe.

Mitch Peter said...

I'm sure I want to buy one (tuner) when I go back to my study place... :)

Chloebelle said...

nice kids have difficulty in tuning their it expensive?

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

vini: hahaha im not pro enough to teach la...=P

hilda: yep guitar's my boyf xD

eesoon: hohoho~ thanks!

mitch: u shud~ good for you =]

chloebelle: thanks~'s not really expensive i guess...RM60 in Malaysia...convert to Philippines it's 854.38...=]

Maxloon120 said...

I ever try to learn guitar, after few times of trying, i gave up. Not my patient.. Good thing 4u! Keep it up!^^

CleverMunkey ® said...

nice... i had my capo like 2 years ago only and i never had a tuner in my whole life cause i always use the computer or iphone to tune my guitar but now i think i can tune myself without any gadget :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

Mary said...

hi =D

tuner is so helpful for us normal people who don't have the "Musical ears" XD

i sow it before with friend and was like : let me do it let me try lool

for me with this it's fun to tun XD

keep smile

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww at last you got your capo !! =D

thomas said...

Nice and useful gadget.