Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Award #1

Wow...this is like my first time ever receiving a blog award.
I never know I'm that lovely. LOL xD

So I'd like to thank GingerSnaps for giving me this lovely award. Appreciate it very much. =)

And now I'd like to pass it to other lovely bloggers~ ^ ^

Here are the rules:

1) Accept the award
2) Post it in your blog and tag the blogger who granted you the award
3) Pass the lovely award to other bloggers that you've met along the way
4) Inform them that they have been chosen to receive the award

Happy Awarding!
^ ^


Abu Luqman said...

night tenet slow..

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Thanks magdalene !! Woww ~

I love the award which from you...
But I need some time to tag you back. =P

EeSoon said...

WOW!! I am number 2 in the list!!
Thank you dear~~
I felt so warm~~ and happy~~ hehe..

The award is beautiful.

sHeRrY said...

I know I've already thank you in your tagboard but I just though about it now that it'd be better to thank you here:]

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

fang: you're welcome~ okay i will wait for you~ xD

eesoon: you're welcome~ glad that you feel warm about it..^ ^

sherry: haha...that's so sweet of you~ thanks! =)

story song said...

I congratulate her for the blog award. I hope the spirit of blogging. okay ... friends?

Kelvin Tan said...

LOL. So you like doing tagging nowadays, eh? XD

Ivy Lorraine Hsu said...

thx for awarding me! and putting me into 4th place...hahaaa

I will post this on the coming sunday instead... i've got too much work... >w<

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

story song: thanks =)

Kelvin: ppl tag me mah so i tag back oso lah~ > <

Ivy: haha~ welcome~ take your time no worries~ xD

-PM- said...

Thanks.. :)