Monday, November 8, 2010

Accessories #1

I notice that most guitarists love to wear rings.

And I'm one of them. xD

That's mainly because it looks COOL on us~ LOL

Anyway, this is my ring. The one and only. =)

I always wear it in my recording if you ever notice.
^ ^

I named it 双龙 (Twins-Dragon) as it has 2 dragon's carvings on the ring.

Opposite one another.

Cool, huh?

Btw I'm sorry if the pictures are blur.

My cam is just too low quality. =/

FYI, all the photos were taken on a piece of white sheet.

I was trying to practise my photoshooting skill as I'm VERY noob at it. =P

Btw the dragons are linked to each other by a carved line on the tails.

And I personally love this picture below the most~

It looks so artistic to me. LOL


Ring is one thing.

Another thing that interests me recently is earrings~~ > <

As you can see, I don't have pierced ears.

I never dare to pierce my ears cos I scared they will get rotten. =/

But now I feel like piercing them so that I can wear earrings~ xP

There are 2 reasons why I decide to pierce and I'm not writing them down here.

So feel free to ask me why IF you're curious about it. xD


EeSoon said...

ok Magdalene,
why do you want to pierce your ears?
why huh?

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Wooww !! Ring....

Ring for me... meaning a sign of love... I wish my love will give me a ring in future.


Mr Lonely said...

i want know why.. XD

Fendi said...

1st comment.. .. :p
LoL.. i think i agree with u.. .. U use a rings to.. but in my right hand, coz if i place it in my left hand, it can annoying me when i make a power chord or other chord :p

But, 1 thing more.. .. i thing many guitaris like to wear bracelet :p heeheehee.. .. .. Niceee

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

EeSoon: cos my idol (YUI) starts to wear earrings now~ and i think i will look more mature if i wear one. LOL xD lame answers hor =P

fang: haha~ yeap it's a sign of love. but this ring of mine isn't a sign of love lol. anyway wish you can find your true love one day. =)

Mr Lonely: 1) my idol's starting to wear earrings and i want to follow too~ LOL 2) i want to look more mature~ xD

Fendi: lol i wear it in my right hand too! wear on left hand makes it difficult to change chords. =P bracelet? i duno about that...haha xD

EeSoon said...

haha... interesting answer...

Different patterns of earing will
make you look mature.
So, good luck in that!

once pierced, snap photo,
post up here. I am sure many of us
want to see how you look like then. ^^

sHeRrY said...

cool you play the guitar.. I used to take up guitar lessons but I stopped because I'm lazy and now I only know a few chords.. My ears got pierced since I was a baby because twas my mom's decision..How come you had piercing?

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

eesoon: okie dokie~ ^ ^

sherry: yep i play the guitar but i only know the basic chords..not really pro haha..i never take up guitar classes tho..self-learner..xD and i want to pierce cos i want to follow my idol and i want to look more mature lol~ =P

Gretch said...

yay for your new ear piercings :)
and that ring is cool btw. You play guitar? Wow that's cool :)

CloudFly said...


Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

Gretch: thanks! yeap i play guitar but not pro. =P

CloudFly: 是哦?我也想擦可是每次要擦掉很麻烦啊...哈哈..