Monday, October 11, 2010

Tagging Quiz

The blogger who tagged me - Fang ^ ^

Write 6 interesting facts about the person who gave you this tag:

# She loves playing Tarot Card like what you see in the picture above. =)
(Hey Fang, don't forget your promise about telling my fortune after you master it kay! xD)

# She knows how to bake cookies!! This is the first post I read in her blog that's why I can remember this fact about her until now~ xD

# She is a student in MSU studying International Business. (She's having finals recently. Do wish her good luck. ^~^)

# She's very positive-minded which differs from me very much. A happy-go-lucky girl~ =)

# One thing I like about her is she's not a BANANA!! =D Although she's not really good in English she's still trying hard to improve herself by blogging in English. And I believe her Chinese is very good. (Is it, Fang?)

# We never meet each other in person before but I do hope someday we can meet up. ^ ^


Write down 12 interesting facts about yourself and your hobbies:

# I am a freak.

# I'm a "The Vampire Diaries" die-hard fan. XD

# I love dry leaves. (yeah it's autumn now~)

# I hate to be thin and always admire those who are fleshy. =(

# Guitar is a part of me. Forever.

# I learnt Taekwondo before but stopped at blue-tip belt.

# I'm stupid but I'm not a bimbo cos I'm not a lenglui. ~.~

# I have a P license but I don't dare to drive. ~.~

# I had once draw a portrait of Rain (a korean artist, the one who played the role of Raizo in Ninja Assassin) but the artwork was stolen and had gone missing until now.

# I love my family and friends but I never really show how I feel.

# I never fall in love. (means that I've never been in a relationship =P)

# A wish before I die ---> Go to Japan to watch the cherry blossoms and YUI's concert.


Pick the most 10 deserving recipients and describe them:

1. FiSh (a 4.0 student who loves Nicholas Teo!)
2. Munkey (a banana who learns chinese language from me sometimes lol)
3. LuPorTi (someone who always get emo with the sucks line lol)
4. ElvinTing (a computer geek whose computer sleeps only when he sleeps = =)
5. Kelvin Tan (a copycat -.-)
6. IcE (a girl who likes to watch singapore dramas like me!)
7. Kyle (a good blogger ^ ^)
8. Wei Wei (a bintulu-ian like me too!)
9. Alien (a girl who named herself as Snowman~)
10. Mika Shaz (i love her writing skill~)

Actually there's a lot more to tag and I wish to add some more to the list...but I just follow what the quiz asked lah...and finally decide to choose the ones that visit my page please don't feel disappointed yeah...^ ^

Okay. Quiz is done. Time to publish~ xD


EeSoon said...

Wa!! I was SHOCKED when I 1st saw this! My mind was like "what is Fang doing here????" "I went to wrong blog?"

haha... it's a quiz... haha..
I like the way you describe the bloggers at the bottom~~ hehe~

si biskut said...

wah...nak kenal2 gak lar.hehe

: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Fuiyooo !!!! Haha !! =D

I felt superb happy when I see this post from you, Magdalene !! =D

I really appreciated a lot from you through this post... =D

I'm wondering why peoples like to use my Tarot picture as the photo for the tag quiz... Haha :P

I will tell your fortune if I really master my Tarot skill, but it's really needs time to master it, so I won't be so fast to master the skill, haha !! XD

Hrmm, it's such a long time that I never bake my little cookies... Miss it ~ Thanks for the luck, my final.. at last... is end !! Wahaha... XD

Errr... My English is bad and my Chinese also "half pail water" only.. Sad case ~

Hehe, and this ~ Of course we will have the chance to meet up.. =D

HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... i think fang likes banana! XD
sorry la sensei, really no no no time to reply tags... anyway thanks for tagging! :)

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

eesoon: haha. i can imagine how u reacted lol. thanks for liking the way i wrote =)

si biskut: haha. bagus =)

fang: haha. you're welcome. ^ ^ i'm very free at home that's why can post. bdw why u said many people like to use your tarot picture as the photo for the tag quiz? did you mean this is not the first time you been tagged? i will wait for my fortune so please get yourself ready lol. and congrates upon finishing your exam~ let's hope we can meet up someday =)

henry: fang likes banana? why you so sure? LOL it's okay la deshi...i know you won't reply the tag when i tagged you...and you're welcome =)

CloudFly said...

u and fang are neighbor or sister ??haha

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

me and fang? neither both. LOL why you'd think like that??