Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 101010

Last year it was 090909...

And now...

it's 101010!!

So what are you guys up to on this special day? Shopping? Sleeping?

I believe most of you would think it's just a normal day like any other days but there's actually something going on out there.

The truth is, on this very Sunday, people across the globe are working hard to reduce their carbon emissions and celebrate their low-carbon lifestyles. It's 10:10:10 - A GLOBAL DAY OF DOING. It is the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change. Everyone around the world are sending a powerful message to world leaders that they are ready to tackle climate change.

"Together we can build a mass movement showing the world that climate change can be solved - and that we are ready to solve it."

So if any of you are interested, you may join the event here. I have joined it myself. =)

Here's a sneak peak through the event. Enjoy~

10:10:10 A GLOBAL DAY OF DOING from 10:10 on Vimeo.

p/s: Babies born today sure are lucky! It's easier to remember their ID number!! XD

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