Sunday, September 26, 2010

falling for you...

today i found myself falling in love with sunflowers all over again.

i have been falling in love with them since small.

i like sunflower cos they're always facing upwards ---- towards the sun.

it's just like a person who always looking at the bright side and being positive all the time.

there's one time i tried to plant sunflowers.

but i never take care of it.

it did grow up until two-inch tall but it died in the end.

i learnt that if i want something to succeed i need to put effort on it.

besides sunflowers,

i'm currently addicted to Hillsongs too.

i feel so touched when listening to them until both my eyes are wet.

no wonder church people often drop tears when singing hillsongs.

imagine myself singing/listening to Hillsongs surrounded by sunflowers in a sunflower garden...

how nice could that be~~

i'm freaking falling for you



Bufospecies said...

让上帝的爱,感动世人!能的话,去学学怎么弹圣歌,来事奉上帝。在教堂加入敬拜赞美团! :D

the Charioteer said...

你还没说前我已有打算学弹圣歌..有机会的话我一定会加入..谢谢你干爹 ^ ^

Ivy Lorraine Hsu said...

wow! nice photos of the sunflowers~! =S

Erika Toh said...'s beautiful Mae-Lynn~ Love it!^^

roffe said...

Hi..very nice sunflowers.. and you play the guitar very good I suppose...

Ana Cristina said...

Love the pictures..Love the post!

the Charioteer said...

ivy: haha! yeah they're so beautiful~

erika: LOL u notice i named myself Mae-lynn...XD

roffe: thanks Mr.Roffe =) well i think my guitar skill is yet to improved..=D

Ana: Thanks Ana! ^ ^