Saturday, July 10, 2010

-mission accomplished-

finally i bought my heel. it's not very high cos i'm not used to wear heels and scared that i won't be able to walk steadily if i buy too high. but now i think that i should have buy a higher one cos the type of heel i bought is very firm and i won't feel unstable to wear it due to the upper string that grips my leg. anyway higher heels mean "higher" price. lol. so i am satisfied with this heel lah. hahaha. bdw this time it's Wey Chyi who spotted the heel for me. If you're reading this post, i'd like to say thank you. ^ ^ and i enjoyed my shopping with my indian friends. i realized that walking together with indian gang will feel secure cos nobody will dare to come near us lol. =P

Shopping can really make me forget about everything.