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i was a volunteer - Part 1

29-30 May 2010

I had participated in Relay For Life KL 2010.

It was my first charity work.
^ ^

I only post about it now cos last time i was too busy after the event and kept delaying to write about now I need to recall back what had happened back then =P

so here is goes.

------------------------------Part 1-------------------------------

firstly, lemme introduce you where the event held exactly.
below this was the field which had been set up with hundreds of tents before we arrived.

it was also the place where we waited for other volunteers to arrive while waiting for our orders. when we arrived there loud music was heard and then i realized it was actually coming from the stage. the performers were having rehearsal. they totally rocked!

see the stage yet? XD

i must say this was really the 'best' part of this event lah.
we were wearing OVERSIZED Tee!! it was an XL!!! wtf?!
and the reason was there's no stock left for smaller sizes. =.=
but after some transformation (pin here pin there)...poof!
our tees looked smaller ki~ weee~ ain't we smart? XD
-Alyssa, me, Weychyi, Liping-

instead of wasting our precious time waiting for nothing, we had our camwhoring session first. woot~ yellow ribbon indicates fight against cancer. bdw why the hand symbol below looked so much like Lady Gaga's? eww...
-Weychyi & me-

to our surprise, we saw a banner of chinese version of this event's motto!!
“活出美好 纪念 奋斗”
"Celebrate Remember Fight back"
it was out of expectation so we snapped a pic with it =)
-Yihan, Alyssa, me, Liping, Sam-

just like any other events, a wristband is a must to be owned by participants who wanna get involved in a particular event. for RFL we had it in purple~ ^ ^
-showing off our purplish wristbands-

making a star shape with 5 hands. just like the shape on our tee. =D
-star-shaped indicates HOPE-

showing off our clean shoes before got dirty later. but forgot to take a pic of dirty shoes to make a 'before and after' comparison. lols. bdw the middle thingy was the RFL badge. it was placed there intendedly. XD
-from North (clockwise): Liping, Alyssa, Yihan, Sam, me, Weychyi-

the view of MSN Training Stadium from where we camwhored XP

okay. enough of camwhoring. it's time to work.
yes, just like what you see below, the first work assigned to us was blowing balloons XP
it may looked simple but we used up much time to finish decorating the place. duhh -.-

i was in the middle of tying up balloons along the aluminium fence with nylon strings together with a beautiful punjabi girl~ like her much =D
-me & Amrit-

see the BIG packs of balloons we're given to blow? wakao..that's alot O.O
-me posing with balloons-

breath-training steps: blowing balloons while sms-ing XD
-Sam in action-

after the decoration work, we were ordered to gather at the
registration counter to receive new orders. it was crowded as you can see from the pic. the white shirts' were volunteers =D

the next work assigned to us was Mobile Registration.
it was so-called cos our job was to ask people around whether they have registered yet and get them registered directly from us instead of wasting their time queuing at the registration counter. this saved much time as they only needed to collect their tees at the counter right after they got registered from us. how convenient was that. XD we're working in pairs bdw.
-me & Weychyi waiting patiently for our 'business' to come-

it was raining so suddenly and that did bring difficulties for us to carry out our work =(
-the raining scene of the main entrance-

luckily the rain stopped after an hour like that. felt relieved.
so we're back to our jobs. yeah =)
see the wooden board with 'MOBILE REGISTRATION' written on it?
it was given to us when we're assigned to the work. felt like mogok. LOL
-me & Weychyi registrating for a passerby-

after 3 long hours of work (from 4pm to 7pm), finally we're done
but it suddenly started to rain again. duhh -.-
-posing with the wooden block-

anyway, i must say that there're really many different kinds of human characters in this world. either good or bad. well, during the work, i've encountered two kinds of people whose characters were obviously vary.

situation 1: people who just walk away without even listening to what we say

"hello miss/sir. *smile* sorry for taking your time but i just want to confirm with you that have you registered for RFL event yet? if you haven't, you may direct register with us here."


*looked at us with poker faces and walked away without giving a damn on what we've just said*

wtf?! what kind of attitude was that? no manner at all! felt disappointed with them
cos they're Malaysians. haih. they should be ashamed of themselves.

situation 2: people who smile back and give support to us during registration

there was a middle-aged couple from overseas saw us holding the "Mobile Registration" board from far came towards us and said,

"mobile registration? is that mean we can register here?"

"yes u can sir. *smile* "

and then after the registration...

"It is a good idea for having mobile registration. well done! see you girls~"

aww...that was so sweet of them! i was flying back then~ XD

luckily there're still some nice people around. meeting this westernese couple did relieve my feelings. lols. so this proved that Malaysians (some) are really bad in attitude. no mannerism.

anyway, not bothering about that, we took a group photo together before heading for the next activity. all of us were classmates =) some of them came as participants only so they're wearing yellow shirt.
did you notice that i had changed to wearing short pants? XD
-from top right anticlockwise: Sam, Cheow, Sandy, Stephanie, Weychyi, Liping, me-

heading back to the registration counter, we reported to our head, handed in the registration forms and fees...
then it was colouring time~ woohoo~ XD
actually we're drawing on Luminaria Bag. it was a kind of bag where Luminaria Candles were placed and lighted up during the Luminaria Ceremony. u'll get to know it in Part 2 =)
-Sam in action again-

Sam done, our turns XD

-Sam admiring his own drawing-

-me in action-

there were some
amo kias in actions too XD
saw a black-and-white bag behind there? that's mine =P

this kid was so cute~

-my luminaria bag-
looked kinda messy, huh? =P


looked better right? i love his bag the most > <

-our bags with different styles of our own-

---------------------------end of Part 1-------------------------

-stay tuned-

^ ^

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