Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a night to remember #2

On the 13th of October.

Me and my classmates had done the craziest thing ever.
>>> watched our English lecturer dancing <<<
My English lecturer is a dancer.
A great indian dancer.
He's been performing for various shows in Astro. (for real!)
It's hard to believe that a lecturer = a dancer rite?
But I'm proud to have a lecturer who can dance well.
I never ask him why he wanted to be a lecturer though.
Maybe someday.
"These are my students~" With a wide smile, he said that to the other dancers. Proudly. Nice
show off. lol.
Tonight, we acted like some big fans of him because to meet him we waited very long behind the changing room after his shows.
How sakai.
(He has a nice body!)
Venue: KL Sentral car park

Time: 8-10pm (we went back earlier cos no more dances from Sir lol)

Attendants: Darmesh, KZ, Cheow, Vincent, Sam, Priyaa, Sharmita, Pavitra, Li Ping, Stephanie, Vynnie, Sandy, Janice, Joanne, me

Joanne, me, Stephanie, Vynnie, Sir (that's him!), Clara, Sandy, Mikan, Sam
inside the changing room. quite dark -.-



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Mae-lynn Heuk said...

哈哈哈...对咯对咯...可是他只跳印度舞...超会shake的哦~ 所以他有个称号:shaggy^^ 哈哈~