Thursday, October 22, 2009

a NEW me

------------------------------mission's accomplished----------------------------

Event: Had my hair cut

Date: 21 Oct 2009

Venue: A random saloon in Cheras (but it looked new)

Time: Morning

Haircut price: RM15 (only!!)


Actually that morning I was planning to walk to Econsave with my mom to buy some meat. Yes. We walked. It was quite far from my condo but we still went on foot. (exercise wat...) It was my idea cos I saw my mom had nothing to do at home so I thought that maybe go for a walk can release her boredom. But this also means that I am wasting my time in going out instead of studying for the test next week. How pathetic...

Unexpectedly, we lost our way. I thought that I can just follow the signboard and find my way to Econsave. But who knows...we couldn't find our way. We continued walking. Passing by a row of shops....and then a saloon caught my eyes. That's where I cut my hair. The barber was a young man with a cool haircut. I fell in love with his hairstyle directly so I asked him to cut mine same like his. But female version of cos. XD

The barber cut my hair slowly and steadily. Seemed like a newly graduated barber. I was impatient at first and waited with sleepy eyes. I yawned many times too. XP As I wasn't wearing my spec during the whole cutting session I didn't know how was I looked like. So I could only see my new look after everything was done. To my surprise, I love my new hairstyle!! It lookS good on me. I guess short hair really suits me better~ ^^

After the haircut, my mom and I ended up taking a taxi to reach Econsave.

What a 'happy' ending.

-----------------------------------my new hairstyle------------------------------------



慧娜 said...

your new hairstyle really suit you ^^

Mae-lynn Heuk said...