Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, 20 August '09 - A Night To Remember -

Today I've had my first test. It was an IT test. I couldn't say it's hard but I did forget some keywords. Anyway, I guess I'd be fine.

As today we just finished a test (just a random one duhh), we planned to go for PIZZA to celebrate~ (walao a....some wului kia...) We went to Leisure Mall. Disappointingly, there was no Pizzahut T.T (apu....waste petrol money nia) So we ended up having dinner at a high-class restaurant called Wong Kok Restaurant. -.- Actually I've been there before with my mom. So this was my second time eating there. We were sitting at a table which I sat with my mom last time. I was sitting at the same seat. And I remembered my mom. I remembered that moment she's sitting beside me. And my tears dropped. I tried not to cry but I couldn't stand the feelings of missing her. It's been so long since I last cried. I thought I won't cry anymore but tonight I did it again. well, I guess that's one of my weaknesses :P (by the way, all my housemates which turned up tonight saw me crying...oh my gosh ><)

-This is what I drank -
nice colour right?

-This is what I ate-
so huge~

Although I've spent much on food (about RM10++ 0.0) I didn't regret going there tonight. BECAUSE!! I saw Danny One~!! OMG~~~ He's one of my all-time favourite singers weyh! lucky to see him~~ He's sitting in a cafe, chatting with a friend. At first I didn't recognise him. Thought that he's just some random gold-haired guy. Wearing a brown jacket with a red Tee inside. But later my roomate told me that he's Danny One. Then I realised....oh gosh...why on earth couldn't I recognise him?! I'm so disappointed with myself... XP By the way, I didn't have the courage to go greet him. Too shy....XD anyway, as a Sarawakian, I was happy enough to have seen him ^~^ yeah~ %(>_<)%

well...I guess that's it. Ja.



荔枝酱 said...

再深奥一点我就看得雾霎霎(mon che che)了~~

Cute Adrian said...

Waaa. si mag babe..many nice food leh .. bring me go eat lah .. wakakaka XD