Friday, February 14, 2014

A Thousand Years pt 2 Live Performance

Greetings. It has been around a month since I last posted a blogpost. So here's a video of me performing A Thousand Years pt 2 live during a college dinner few semesters back.

Well, sorry to say, but I made a mistake for not using a microphone for my guitar cos during rehearsal the guitar sound was louder than my voice so I thought of not using mic for guitar, just used for singing only due to my soft voice. But I was wrong. During the real deal, the guitar sound couldn't really be heard much, as commented by the audience who sat far behind after the dinner, and the video too, proves that the guitar sound was not loud enough. *heartbreak*

Anyway, I hope I did perform well that night. The audience was totally enjoying their dinner cos it was damn noisy as from what I heard in the video. Lol.

So, what 'you guys think?
Criticisms and comments are most welcome! :D


HenRy LeE said...

fewwwiiitttt! a new star has born! :D great song

Daddy Cool said...

"Once bitten twice shy"
What's wrong, you know why
Nice singing, a good try
Your great fan, that's I

AnnTan said...

i watch your video!! awwh! it's okay if the guitar sound is quite soft, but i can hear your voice clearly!

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

henry: hahaha thanks man xDDD

dad: a beautiful poem like always :D

ann: lol so is that a compliment? thanks girl that's so sweet~ :)

Mani Khanna said...

though I can't hear you clearly, But it was good. :)
I love this song.
Keep smiling keep shining.