Friday, November 2, 2012


Roti Canai never fails to be my favourite food since I was young. :)

Despite the fact that it contains the highest amount of calories among all varieties of food, I never get fat also by eating that.

My weight has been maintained since Form 1 I guess.
Stick to around 41-42kg only.

-my current weight and my sunburnt feet-

The number may look nice but I'm actually underweight.

And that is not cool at all.

At least, to me.

So if I could ever gain weight I think I would be the happiest person in this world. You can see how depressed I am for being so skinny.

Anyway, I start to compel myself to look at the bright side only from now onwards. B+ is my new motto now.

Let's see how long I can live with this motto... :D


EeSoon said...

all the best to you~~
Be positive! YEa~
I have to have that thought too...

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

eesoon: arghhh this thought seems to getting disappear now dy...T.T