Friday, October 19, 2012

Long hair or Short hair ?

Got the urge of cutting my hair short suddenly. Cos i hate the way it looks now. Out of shape already. But come to think of it, i look more mature with long hair compared to having a short hair. So it's quite a waste if i cut it short now. But due to the fact that i'm thin, i actually look better with short hair. Cos i'll look fatter that way lol. As conclusion both type of hair also have their own good. So what should i do with my hair? Hope to get some sincere opinions from you readers. :)

  -me with long hair (current look)-

 -me with short hair (old look)-


thomas said...

I think you look better in that not so short hair,hah!hah!

Daddy Cool said...

Short hair is better for you.
To know the benefits of short hair, refer to:

That's all, take care.

hairstyles said...

u look nice ..