Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Passport Photo

This morning I went to make a passport. It's my first time making it. And I just know that I can't have a dyed hair for passport photo after the photographer informed me about it. Must maintain the originality of the person's appearance. Then I asked him, "If that's the case, can you help me to edit my hair to black colour?" Luckily he said can but need to charge a bit there.

So whoala! This is the result of his editing skills.

Look very real right? That I have a black hair. Kekeke.

Seeing this pic, suddenly I think that I look beautiful naturally without any make-up or hairdo. Which surprised me cos I never think that I have a pretty face. And my hair was actually hidden inside the blazer so it looks like I'm having a short hair in this pic. Feel kind of refreshing though. Will consider having a short hair after new hair grows out by cutting off the dyed hair. :)

So yeah, finally I got my passport dy. Cheers~


Schokoladeladelade said...

LOL it looks so nice!! btw, passport?? o.O what for??

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

i wanna migrate to other countries cant stand it here in Malaysia lol jk