Thursday, August 30, 2012

That awkward moment when

you're playing the guitar and you noticed your parents watching you playing

and you were like


and looked away sheepishly. :3


Daddy Cool said...

Wow! Mag,you have two big fans, your parents, the audience watching you play. Should by thankful.
Cheer up, girl.

EeSoon said...

you look cute in the photos! haha~
your parents are cute too! haha~

Schokoladeladelade said...

LOL =.=

Schokoladeladelade said...

hahahaha nice one mag...but anyways, mama n papa just watching ma nothing one lah...better then u playing n nobody choi u right??

Magdalene Blue Rose said...

daddy cool: okay. thank you for support.

eesoon: hahaha...thanks dear~ both my parents retired dy and nothing to do so watch me play lo... xD

lisa: yala...nothing one actually...but if u and yen were with me i surely wont feel awkward...hahaha