Friday, December 30, 2011

More Coffee = Smaller Breasts

"Despite the fact that coffee can MAKE WOMEN'S BREASTS SMALLER, I'm still addicted to it. The taste of coffee is just so wonderful and eventually it becomes my lifestyle to drink a cup of coffee daily. Can't live without it." -m@gd@lene

According to my researches in the net, it has been discovered that drinking three cups of coffee a day can make women's breasts shrink. I was very shocked when I first know about this cos I was that addicted to coffee. But then I realized I never drink that much until 3 cups a day so I felt sort of relieved. For those who exceed the amount, it is advisable to cut down your servings per day, if you do not wish to have your breasts getting smaller. However, the good news is caffeine actually REDUCES THE RISK OF BREAST CANCER! How's that sounded like? :) Now, thinking about it, these two negative and positive effects seem to have a connection between them. Smaller breasts and preventing breast cancer. Does that ring a bell to you? :)

From what I see, normally women with breast cancer tend to have big breasts size. I may as well conclude that small breasts women won't get breast cancer that easily compared to women with big breasts. *what a relief* Anyway, my personal preference of coffee is Kapal Api White Coffee (instant). It tastes the best among other coffee brands/types to me, apart from those world famous coffeehouses like Starbucks lah. Let's have a coffee break, shall we? :D


thomas said...

Wah! Drinking kopi cap Kapal Api,
a little caffeine keeps the day going.

Mr.E said... really makes breast smaller one? I think it is ineffective toward my mum xD

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Woww first time heard this info, luckily I'm not the coffee lover. =X

roffe said...

That's strange, smaller breast by drinking coffee.What about us men?

♥ Juju ♥ said...

*high 5*
Really? Caffeine may shrink our boobs size? Then I might need to drink less from today :P

Thanks for your visit!
Happy New Year 2012 (although is 3rd day already)

Nighty Cat said...

(highfive) for coffee lover ♥
my frens use to tease me for drinking coffee daily and make the "size" goes small...
but who cares? A coffee a day makes my day wonderful ^^

and thanks for the blog visit too. Happy New Year to u too :)